Why does Magic-Treasure go away?

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Why does Magic-Treasure go away?

Post  Peke on Sat 5 Dec 2015 - 19:13

I feel that this rule is not sometimes followed. Sad
Sendbotto [age]

This command works only if there is nobody else in the age with you and the robot!!!!!!
It will remain in this age until another neighbor asks it to go to another place
after you have left.

I was in Treasure Kadish and was receiving the first explanation from Blake.
M-T went away suddenly from here and has gone to TLCity.

And my older sister encountered the same phenomenon many times, too.
When she was in TGarrison, M-T has gone to TLCity suddenly.
We never stayed in the place for a long time and were taking some kind of actions. scratch

(12/06 02:18:25) To Magic-Treasure: KI341
(12/06 02:18:26) Hello explorer. My name is Blake Lewin.
(12/06 02:18:29) Your progress has been saved Peke.
(12/06 02:18:32) I was the executive producer of Myst Online for Cyan Worlds.
(12/06 02:18:38) I came here to help you find the Kadish's hidden treasure.
(12/06 02:18:46) As you know, this age was written by Kadish himself shortly before the fall of D'ni.
(12/06 02:18:56) His body lies in the safe because he preferred to remain trapped there with his treasure.
(12/06 02:19:07) Doing my research while the restoration of the Cavern, I discovered that another part of his treasure is hidden somewhere in this age.
(12/06 02:19:23) I do not know exactly where it is but here is the text I found on a note abandonned close his body:
(12/06 02:19:35) In the room " Glow in the Dark"
(12/06 02:19:40) Five tiles you have to activate
(12/06 02:19:45) And the path will lead you
(12/06 02:19:50) There where my most valuable goods
(12/06 02:19:54) You will discover.
(12/06 02:20:04) Ten markers clue will tell you places
(12/06 02:20:04) Where to look white and blue symbols
(12/06 02:20:11) Which related two by two will give you the final solution.

(12/06 02:33:12) From Magic-Treasure: The light meter to TLCity indicates that the lake algae are charged at 93 percent. The current power consumption of the cave is 18 percent per hour.
(12/06 02:33:29) From Magic-Treasure: I'm moving to Magic Treasure City of Light. Please wait 30 seconds before link to me.
(12/06 02:34:29) From Magic-Treasure: Unless Mister Magic forced me to stay here,I can move to another Treasure Age if I'm alone.

(12/06 02:57:42) To Magic-Treasure: KI341
(12/06 02:57:43) I will inform you if you PM Info, here, at the same place.

He never does the same explanation even if he wishes that I want to receive explanation again from Blake. affraid

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Re: Why does Magic-Treasure go away?

Post  Mister Magic on Sun 6 Dec 2015 - 21:20

Hello Peke.

The only explanation I can give you is that actually there is a KI issue again !
So, sometimes, the bot can't see you in the age and, for other players you are "invisible". So the bot moves if someone use command SENDBOTTO even if you are playing with it.

I'm really sorry but I can not do anything against this problem that comes from the Cyan server.

I hope they'll fix that soon.


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Re: Why does Magic-Treasure go away?

Post  Peke on Mon 7 Dec 2015 - 0:43

Wooooooow Michel!!
It is not necessary for you to apologize!!

I understood it very well. cheers
If the cause of this phenomenon depends on KI issue, we do not have means. Shocked

In other words, we may trouble somebody, too. Sad
This is because we also sometimes think that nobody stays in Age. affraid

It is necessary for us to understand it each other. Wink

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Re: Why does Magic-Treasure go away?

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