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~Memory Lane Game~

Post  Zesty of Xeniphers on Sat 3 Oct 2015 - 12:08

Kirk of Xeniphers and I stated a new MARKER QUEST called - MEMORY LANE ( held on MYST forum and MOULa: http://mystonline.com/forums/viewtopic.php?f=41&t=28036 )

How to play it: I will place a marker somewhere in MOULa and then post a picture clue of its location. The first person that contacts me with the correct answer will get that marker named after him or her (please enclose your avvie's name as you want it written on the marker). At the end of the quest we will have a game dedicated to MOULa players and buddies who played it which then will be shared with everyone else in the cavern.

To get your name written on a marker please PM me with the correct answer and a screenshot or a KI picture of your avvie standing ON the spot (not close to it or pointing out at it).

P.S. Once one marker gets your name on it, no other markers will be named after you (including your other avatars) so to give other players a chance. You can continue playing though and enjoying the quest.

Good luck and happy quest !
Zesty of Xeniphers

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