The lake algae are charged at...

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The lake algae are charged at...

Post  Toki on Tue 11 Aug 2015 - 7:16

It is approximately one month ago.

Because I knew nothing when I received this message, I did not mind it very much.
However, this was the event that we could rarely meet with!! Shocked

(07/05 04:48:43) From Game Master: The light meter to TLCity indicates that the lake algae are charged at 52 percent.

(07/05 05:57:00) From Game Master: The light meter to TLCity indicates that the lake algae are charged at 51 percent.

Is there the person who obtained this chance? Cool

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Re: The lake algae are charged at...

Post  Mister Magic on Tue 11 Aug 2015 - 19:10

Hello Toki.

If you reread the note you received with command NLAKE, you will see that the brightness of the lake decreases by 5% every hour.

So to have a brightness of 50% algae you have to wait 10 hours.

But several treasure hunters drop a pellet in the lake more often to win Dni$ !
Generally, they do not expect a very long time to drop a pellet. Therefore, it is very difficult to have a very low light in the cave.

But I heard that soon things will change. More and more Bahro returning to the cave and use the power of Lake algae for their personal needs: light up in their homes, heating, cooking, etc ...
So that, probably, the brightness produced by the lake algae will decrease faster. This will force the explorers drop more pellets into the lake to maintain sufficient power level.

Watch for the light meter lake carefully! Wink 


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