Lost Experience Level Points

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Lost Experience Level Points

Post  Lauritz on Fri 17 Jul 2015 - 2:24

Shorah Mister Magic,

Well, I decided to play the Fabulous Magical Treasure for the 4th time using my Ref Avatar.  I completed both level 1 (Introduction) and level 2 (TErcana) and quit the quest with an Experience Level (E.L.) of 20 points.  A few days later I attempted to move the Magic-Treasure (M-T) bot to TTeledahn and was informed my E.L. was too low.  I then linked to Magic Treasure (MT) bot, entered Continue Quest and was informed my Experience Level was at 8 points.  Not good.

I decided to replay the end of part 1 and to replay part 2 to get my E.L. points back.  I finished part 1 again and got my E.L. back to 10.  When I tried to replay part 2 and after completing FMT-6 I entered the sum of the marker numbers and the M-T bot said I had already finished FMT-6.  As a result, my E.L. was not increased.  Any command I had previously used to increase my E.L. was recognized by the M-T bot as having already been sent to M-T bot.  My E.L. will not increase past 10.

Help!!!  Could you set my Ref Avatar's E.L. back to 20 so I can send M-T bot to TTeledahn to continue the quest?

Thank you very much,



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Re: Lost Experience Level Points

Post  Mister Magic on Fri 17 Jul 2015 - 19:06

Done ! Very Happy 

Have fun !

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