I finished most of Magicgame13

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I finished most of Magicgame13

Post  ChuoLine201 on Wed 3 Jun 2015 - 5:04

My aunt came back to Tokyo five days ago.
I was not able to find last Marker of MG13-day before an aunt came home. Embarassed
At last I found it today. Cool
It was right here.
(05/14 02:25:25) To Magic Bot: Tip13
(05/14 02:25:27) From Magic Bot: Look behind you
(06/03 08:09:21) Found marker: 'Kiva 3: Magic is more important than cleverness.'
I wondered why I did not notice it being right here so far. Shocked
By the way...
It is this that I ran into difficulties most in this Marker Quest.
By day, from the center of the top of the cage, align yourself to the West. Run 28(Boy) or 31(Girl) to the #1 crater...'.
...then turn 85 to the sun. Walk 8 to the #2 crater. Trurn -46 right. Run 24 to the #3 crater...
...then turn -32 right. Run 50. You'll find marker in the center of the big crater.

The point becomes my expertise from here because I found all Markers.
I am good at a logical puzzle. daccord

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Re: I finished most of Magicgame13

Post  Mister Magic on Wed 3 Jun 2015 - 8:56

cheers victoire daccord alien

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