FMT show April 16 th 2015

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FMT show April 16 th 2015

Post  Mister Magic on Fri 17 Apr 2015 - 11:00

A great show was offered us this Thursday, April 16, 2014 on the occasion of the opening night of Ae'gura "the city of light".
You were more than 50 participants attend the sound and light show provided by Yodawave and Edisonrex.

For those who were not there here is the text of my presentation followed by some pictures.
I also suggest you go see the video made by our friend Vaughan with this link: FMT show

If you have other videos or images, please feel free to post them here.

Thank you all for your participation!

Mister Magic wrote:Hello Dear Explorers and especially hunters or future treasure hunters!
I am pleased to welcome so many of you, once again, to the wonderful world of Fabulous Magic Treasure.

In a few minutes, you could see a new magic show.
Once again, this show is a collaboration among friends:
YodaWave for the laser effects and the fireworks without forget Edisonrex and his fantastic live music!

After this first part, we will go on the plaza for the rest of the evening.
A new light show awaits you.
But for now, sit back and look towards the Arch.
The first part of the show will begin: The reactivation of the bright algae from the lake.

Put in your browser to select the way you want to listen to Edisonrex music:
I waiting for you on the plaza for the rest of our evening.
I would call YodaWave and Edison Rex on the podium.

I would like to thank them and applaud them for the wonderful time they give us during our magical evenings
Applaud them!|CLAP
When I imagined the great adventure of Fabulous Magical Treasure, I was far from suspecting of the large number of participants!
Of course, I hoped but I didn't think that it gather over 220 participants!
Thank you all for your support which enabled me to carry out this huge project!

When I say huge, it's up to you to judge:
This adventure game takes place in the Cavern and is made of10 parties.
The goal is to find out THE, or rather, the D'ni' treasures.
Everything begins in the City of Ae'gura as it was before the start of the restoration by the DRC.
The barricades placed in the city you prevent, at first, to move normally.
You need to find teleporters, open doors with keys, talk with characters from the DRC for clues.
You also need to solve many puzzles to raise your level of Experience to progress.
You will amass Dni$ and other treasures left by the D'ni.
You will need some objects like springs to jump or a saw to cut wood and many others.

I stop there because the list is too long.
All this to say that I started writing this adventure in November 2013 until December 2014.
It took more than 3,000 hours and 15,000 lines of script in Python language.
I'm not talking about the many research done on the WEB to tell a plausible story.
I am very glad I did it because it allowed me to discover a lot about the history of the D'ni and the Uru backstage.
But my delight was and still is to have met very friendly Explorers.
Allof you have supported me and helped a lot not only in the realization of the game but also in its development and bug fixes.
Thank you for your patience, your understanding and especially for your friendship.

My motivation to make a game "almost" perfect, is intact and that is why I am pleased to announce tonight that the multilingual version is now completed!
Now you can play not only in English but also in French.
Other languages are in preparation:
Tom, you know as well as Boywith in the Cavern is in the process of translating the game in Dutch.
Korovev handles the translation in Italian, Vaughan and Gunther are working on the German translation.
Once these versions will be available, you will be informed.

If there are other players who wish to participate in these translations simply tell me in our forum URU MagicWorlds.

To play in French, once you are in TCity, send the command : setlang FR to Game Master.
I inform you that you can at any time change the language. To play in English, send the command: setlang EN
Later, when other languages are available, you could send the setlang command followed by the letters of the corresponding language, for example setlang NL for Dutch.

But that's not all!
I left you imply that it would be maybe not the end ...
There is already a first add-on to the game.
Those who have just completed already know. I will explain to the players who finished the game there are more than a month.

As you know, the Cavern was lit by phosphorescent algae that inhabit the lake of the City.
After the fall of D'ni,  these algae have been contaminated and very low light remains in the Cavern.
But thanks to the treasure hunters, algae were revitalized and the City of Light is lit again!
As these explorers know, algae get their energy source through the golden pellets  they threw into the lake.
These pellets were made Ercana.
But the energy from these pellets is not eternal.
It's important to know that this energy decreases by 5% per hour.
The more time passes, the less the Cavern is illuminated and after 20 hours, again, the Cavern is in the dark.
The Lake must be regularly supplied with pellets to maintain the activity of the algae at its maximum and, consequently, the maximum brightness in the Cavern.
When you have finished the final quest FMT is to say that you have reached the supreme experience level of 100, you can continue to come throw pellets into the lake.
Every time you throw a pellet, you receive in compensation, a sum of  Dni$!
This sum of money is equal to the percentage needed to fill the light energy deficit.
For example, if the lake owns only 30% of its energy and that you throw a pellet, you will receive in compensation 70 D'ni$ !
To know commands to use, go to TLCity and send the command: NLAKE
You will receive an explanatory note in the inbox of your KI.

Is that all ?
No, no !
In a few weeks, you will discover a new quest.

As you can see, the End is not yet written !!!
And now, let the show start!
I advise you to go back on the stairs leading to the Hall of kings to enjoy in the best way of this show.
In a few seconds you will experience a new unforgettable moment thanks to Yoda's imagination and Edisonrex's musical inspiration.
Thank you to the Cyan Team to enable us to live these moments by keeping MOULa alive, don't forget to the CAVCON .
Good show to all and long life to Magic Worlds of Uru Live!

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