shorah all!

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shorah all!

Post  karoh on Fri 17 Apr 2015 - 0:40

shorah all! I'm very excited about the new addition to URU! D'ni Mon'i....who knew?? Exclamation


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Re: shorah all!

Post  Toki on Tue 21 Apr 2015 - 2:36

Shorah karoh!!
I hope that you notice this. Wink

My name is Toki.
The name in MOULa is the same as this, too. Smile

We share one PC in families.
My family is five people including me. What a Face

One is my husband, and this person does not play in MOULa. Cool

And there are two sons.
They play in MOULa.
The eldest son challenges it without giving it up again and again patiently in the difficult scene.
The name in his MOULa is Gumpey. Very Happy

The second son always plays an active part in the scene where difficult technique is necessary.
He knows a lot about a PC among families most.
The name in his MOULa is Takumi. Very Happy

And there is a younger sister hospitalized with a disease in a hospital now.
Her husband and only one daughter died several years ago. Crying or Very sad
That's why she lived together with my family. Wink
Her name …
It is that woman coming to play most here!! Laughing

Let's meet in a cavern!!

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Re: shorah all!

Post  Mister Magic on Tue 21 Apr 2015 - 9:55

Hello Toki.

Thank you for having clearly explained the composition of your family who plays Moula.
It is now much clearer! Very Happy

We reiterate once again our support for our friend Peke. We hope she will recover heart very quickly!


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Re: shorah all!

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