The Multilingual FMT

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The Multilingual FMT

Post  LuMagic on Wed 8 Apr 2015 - 10:49

Calling all treasure hunters.

The Fabulous Magical Treasure (FMT) will become multilingual soon. cheers sunny cheers

Mister Magic has ended all his scripts which allow a such fantastic thing.
As a french speaker, he has done the french translation. All seems OK.
I (LuMagic aka Lushun) am testing all parts of the FMT in French.
It's almost finish.  bounce
If all is OK, french speakers could play it in French, very soon.  sunny

Tom (Samoth) agreed to do the translation in Dutch and Korovev in Italian.
Mister Magic thanks them a lot. sunny

Mister Magic would like that there are translations in German and in Spanish.
Of course if someother are interessed to do it, MM will be OK and happy.

As there are lot of sentences to translate you can form a team by language.
In this case, Mister Magix would like that one person per team becomes a sort of centralizer.
Mister Magic will send him/her the folders to translate and her/him will send back translated to MM.

MM has created an explanation folder about how translate the texts. You will get it with the first folder you ll receive.
You could, of course, ask MM if you encounter some difficulties to translate some sentences.

So, if you want to participe to these translations, or if you want to help those who are doing them,
please tell it to us at the following of this post.

Thank you in adavance.



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Re: The Multilingual FMT

Post  Toki on Fri 10 Apr 2015 - 4:33

Hello Mister Magic!!

When you had finished making all FMT, I thought that you would have how big plan toward the next.
You are awesome very much than we think!! Shocked
Furthermore, the cooperation of the people of the country with various languages is necessary for this splendid plan. daccord
Everybody admires good your personality, and a large number of people should surely cooperate with you. cheers

I am a Japanese. As you know, the Japanese font cannot support a chat of MOULa. Crying or Very sad
For example, it becomes like this.

Welcome in the Fabulous Magical Treasure Toki. Remember this : 0 -298 145 AI421 DOOR
トキ。素晴らしい魔法の宝のハンターの旅へようこそ。これを覚えておいてください: 0 -298 145 AI421 ドア

A feminine voice tells you from the inside: Find a key to open the door please.
中から女性の声が聞こえます。: ドアを開けるために、どうか鍵を見つけてください。

I lost it not far from here.

Near each object PM bot: Search
各々のオブジェクトの近くで、ロボットにPMでこのコマンドを送信してください: Search

They do not support Japanese for other Myst series either, because a Japanese font is not prepared. Crying or Very sad


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Re: The Multilingual FMT

Post  Korovev on Fri 17 Apr 2015 - 10:11

My understanding is that the game itself is Unicode-ready, but the standard client doesn’t allow non-ASCII characters input, and the built-in font is very limited. H’uru clients can overcome the first problem (you can type accented characters with plClient), but the second would require an update from Cyan.
For Japanese, I think the issue is more complicated in that you likely wouldn’t be able to do kanji selection (maybe there are input systems that don’t need that?). At the moment, the only option I see is using romaji.

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Re: The Multilingual FMT

Post  Mister Magic on Fri 17 Apr 2015 - 10:27

I would just make adds.
Our friend Vaughan performs the translation into German.
It is already assisted in this task by Gunter.

I recall that Korovev working on the Italian translation and Tom (Boywith) is responsible for the translation into Dutch.

If you want help, you can contact them or write a note following this post.

Regarding the Japanese, as stated Kororev, it is not currently possible. I think it's the same for Russian.

But what would be good is the Spanish version because there are some players who use this language in Moula.


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Mister Magic

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Re: The Multilingual FMT

Post  Toki on Sun 19 Apr 2015 - 9:24

Mister Magic wrote:Regarding the Japanese, as stated Kororev, it is not currently possible. I think it's the same for Russian.
Yes. It has unreasonableness very much to express Japanese in the alphabet. Laughing
Japanese is troublesome. rire
ひらがな (hiragana)
カタカナ (katakana)
漢字 (kanji)

…Troublesome Laughing


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slowly progressing...

Post  Magic Tom on Sat 13 Jun 2015 - 14:42

Hi all! Very Happy

Yeah, I am progressing slowly but surely with the Dutch translation. The introduction and the first two parts are ready now, and now I am busy with the 3rd part. Please, be patient... as my free time is limited, I think it will coast me the rest of this year to finish it all, but than...


Greetings all!

Magic Tom

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Re: The Multilingual FMT

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