Commands for warping (instant move) in magic city

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Commands for warping (instant move) in magic city

Post  LuMagic on Mon 18 Feb 2013 - 17:53

The roofs :
Tr to go to the Tokotah 1 roof
Dr to go to Dakotah roof
Pr to go to Palace roof
Kr to go to Kahlo pub roof
Lr to go to library roof
Fr to go to Terminal Ferry roof

Other points :
Oh to go to Opera House
Fg to go to Ferry gate
Kg to go to Kadish Gallery
Mu to go to museum
Ch to go to Concert Hall

Visit gt

This command allows you to visit the "Great Tree Pub"
It is a mixology of this age in the magic city. When you send the command, the robot will place this mixology under the city and will teleport you to this Pub. You can visit this fabulous age and you can go to Great Tree, because the doors which are normally closed to this age known of you, are open here.

Warning ! Since this is a mixology, you must remember two things :
1. Always use
visit gt to get there, otherwise it's possible that this part is not activated and therefore fall into the void and to go the panic zone.
2. When you leave magic city, this mixology follows you in all ages that you visit. So be sure to reset the game to get rid of it.


This command will instruct the robot to make
the lake 'solid' and to teleport you there.
As the entire lake is now solid, you can walk on it and go everywhere, even behind the Arch of Kerath.
In fact, it is one of mixology of Cleft cleaned of most the unnecessary parts, leaving only the transparent ground of this age, which gives you the illusion that the lake is solid. In some places, you will be under water, which will give you a really view beautiful subaquatic of this place (cones below the library).

Rules are the same as the Great Tree area. Always use the command onlake to go to this place because if mixology is not created​​, you will pass through the lake and you will go straight to your Relto !

Thanks a lot to you Jan for your help.


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