Spiral Path Code Not Taken

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Spiral Path Code Not Taken

Post  Lauritz on Wed 4 Mar 2015 - 2:41

Spoiler Alert!

This is a problem I have encountered while doing the quest again with my other avatar Referee at Experience Level 36.

I've captured all the CATCHable Bright Markers (I think), SEARCHed and found all the items in TGTP (I think) including the Journal and a Picture Hint telling me where to PM the Spiral Path Code and completed FMT10. I've then made my way inside the Great Tree gaining an Experience Level of 36, SEARCHed the Button Pattern in the Great Tree and while standing next to the Pattern PMed the Spiral Path Code.  The Bot repeatedly tells me it recognizes the code; however, I should not know the code.

Thinking I overlooked SEARCHing something in TGTP I have SEARCHed and SEARCHed everything again and come up with nothing new.  If I've completed FMT10, found the Picture Hint and SEARCHed the Button Pattern I should have all the information needed to know where to PM the Code.  Did I overlook something or did I encounter a glitch?

I appreciate any help you can give me.

Thank you.


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Re: Spiral Path Code Not Taken

Post  Mister Magic on Wed 4 Mar 2015 - 20:14

Hello Lauritz (Referee).
I've checked your save files.
There are 22 Bright markers to catch in TCity, but you've forgot to catch one of them. That's why the bot don't accept the code of "the path of the shell" that you send to it.

I can tell you wich one if you want


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