Introduction to Magic city

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Introduction to Magic city

Post  LuMagic on Mon 18 Feb 2013 - 16:31

Magic City is a magical age that is built as follows :

Changes that are made are :
- The office of Tokotah1 (to upstairs) is illuminated.
- The animations above the entrance to the Great Guild have been activated. (lights and smoke)
- The Bahros and their screams are also activated when a player binds at this age. Stand on the roof of the library
or on the roof of the palace. when a player binds to city, you will see a Bahro fly away screaming.
- The "clothes" that are in the 'solo' game are visible but will not produce any additional effect if you touch them all.
- Linking books to Teledahn are visible at the entrance of the palace on the square and at the entrance to the library.
- The luxmeter is also visible on the docks.

Other effects can be enabled or disabled with the commands described in this forum.

To give a springtime air to the town, the decor of Jalak has been placed all around the city. This gives you the vision of a city under the sun. sunny

This mixology appears when you connect to the robot automatically with the command meet or link.
However, it may happen that your linking time at Magic City is too long. In this case, you will not be teleported to the robot and the mixologies will not be made for you. In this case, type the command w to teleport you on the bot and then you get the mixology of Jalak and its magical effects.

There is another mixology that you can enjoy. The command visit gt allows you to go to the Great Tree Pub and you can go all the way to the tree thru the door. Very Happy

There is the 3rd mixology : the invisible ground of "Cleft" that allows to walk on the lake when you send the command onlake

Do not forget the flight on the backs of bahros : that is a spectacular effect !
And if you want to play with the robot, Magicgame1, Magicgame6, Minigame1 and Minigame2 are available. A special section for the Magicgames was created. Read it to learn how to play these interactive games.

Look at all commands in detail in this section without forget that it's for all magic ages. General commands can be used here as well (see Common commands section)

Thanks a lot to you Jan for your help.


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