Body parts, clothing and accessories, wear, unwear, colour

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Body parts, clothing and accessories, wear, unwear, colour

Post  LuMagic on Mon 18 Feb 2013 - 15:51

Here is the list of the body parts of the clothing and the accessories for boys.

Here is the same list for girls.

The names are those of the objects that you can use with the commands : wear,  unwear and wcolor.
The yellow dot indicates the command Unwear works with this object.
The red dot with a cross indicates that it is impossible to use the command wcolor with this object.
Finally, there are two other accessories not included on the images below that can be worn or removed: pbook (the linking book your belt) and hki (ki worn on the left hand)

Wear [name]

This command allows you to wear any clothes or accessories  in the above list.
For example, if you type wear khakis, your avatar will begin to wear the
pants described as khakis.
The bot knows if you're male or female. The bot will only let you choose
the appropriate clothing.

For hands and feet, you should always use the command twice : once for
each hand or foot.
For example, if you want to wear the sandals, you must type wear rsandal then wear lsandal.

The command  wear replaces your present clothes or appearance with the
one you have chosen. The program acts the same for clothes as for
appearance, so the command wear is also used for head, hands and feet.

For example, for a man, you must type
wear hairless for become bald. Similarly for barefoot type wear rbarefoot and wear lbarefoot.
But some clothing and accessories must be removed with the command unwear

Unwear [name]

This command removes certain clothing and/or  accessories.
The command : UNWEAR allows to remove clothing and accessories which are
in the list above, a yellow dot shows you which one they are.

First example :
If you have choosen to send the command : wear helmet
you have need to send the command : unwear helmet to remove the helmet.

2nd example : if you send to the bot : wear glasses1
, you gonna wear round glasses. Then, if you type wear sglasses, you'll add sunglasses but without removing the round glasses! To keep the sunglasses, you must type unwear glasses1.

Wcolor [nom] [couleur1] [couleur2]

This command allows you to change the main color [color1] and secondary color (if possible) [color2] of an object, clothing or of  hair ([name]) that you wear when you run the command. If you specify only one color, it will be the main color which will change.

What are the colors recognized by the robot ? Mister Magic has created a list of names of the basic colors, each  with 5 shades.
Simply add the number 1 to 5 after the color to get a different shade. fcol stands for "flesh-colored".


Here two commands as example: Wcolor Vjacket red2 black which colorizes the jacket in red and the sleeves in black.
                                                              Wcolor capgolf black red2  which colorizes the capgolf in red and hair in black

But the robot can recognize a lot  of other colors whose names are more intuitive, as lightblue, cyan, ivory etc. ...
Give a complete list here would be too long. As I said, there are names that everyone knows. If this color is not recognized by the robot and it will tell you.
When I have time, I will give you a full list with more than a hundred names.

Thank you Jan & AlanD for your help.

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Re: Body parts, clothing and accessories, wear, unwear, colour

Post  LuMagic on Thu 8 Aug 2013 - 13:40

News Garments Very Happy

Here 3 new shirts, shirts, I'm sure they will be trendy! hehe Like a Star @ heaven bounce Like a Star @ heaven

grtpsw : Shirt of Great Tree Pub (It's impossible to change its color)
greetersh : Greeters' shirt (you can change its color)
launchsh : the shirt of "Launch" (the begining) (you can change its color)

As for all other clothing, they can be coated with the Wear command or tinted (except grtpsw) with the wcolor command.

What about the save of the garments.

If you use the Outfit command or wear command your garments will be not save in your wardrobe.
You could enter in your wardrobe then quit the game. When you will be back you still will wear this garment!
You can wear them until you change yourself with another avaliable garment in your wardrobe or until you use the Unwear command or the Restoreme command (the restoreme command works only if you already used the saveme command).

Is it allowed to wear these 3 garments in public areas?

If we refer to the rules of Cyan, these clothes are not in the normal wardrobe, isn't it?
However, there is currently a trend towards permissiveness.
An interesting thread about that is on way on the Myst Online forum.
Mister Magic suggests you go see it. Here is the link:

Things seem to be changing.
You perfectly know Mister Magic's opinion about it.
The Bots offer to you several possibilities, but the users must  be accountable for their actions. So when in doubt, do not wear these 3 shirts in public city.

Regarding these three garments, Mister Magic & me we do not see what could shock.
These new shirts are really originals.sunny then wait & see...

Have Fun!  sunny 


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