Movable or not movable? That's NOT the question !

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Movable or not movable? That's NOT the question !

Post  Mister Magic on Sun 10 Aug 2014 - 9:18

From Mister Magic :

Movable or not movable? That's NOT the question !


Since the creation of Fabulous Magic Treasure (FMT), a problem regularly resurfaces  : the availability of bots.

Some say, "I need the bot in TErcana, but it is already busy with other players inTCleft." They insist by asking to be allowed to move the bot. But others say "I am also allowed to play, wait until I have finished."
So some of them write to me by PM telling me that some players block the bot by remaining in this age even though they do not really play.
When I inquire, I understand that these players use the bot only to play and not to annoy other players.

These sterile threads don't offer something constructive and take all my time to find a solution.
Anyway,  these threads don't solve the main problem : have a bot in each magic age.

The time I spend trying to find a solution and read the messages on this topic, is to the detriment of the time incredibly long of whose I need for write each part of the FMT.

I will once more clarify the rules to follow in my magic ages and what you need to know about moving bots.

First of all I would like to again point out that everything about the magical age is made on my own and is not funded by Cyan. I use my own equipment and I save players' data in my own computer.
I do not have access to data from the normal players (I mean those they don't play in my magic ages). so I can not, under any circumstances remedy a problem of Cyan 's servers.

Although Cyan appreciate the work I do with my bots, I don't get any financial reward from them.
It is not my intention to solicit them about that.
My only reward is to see the numbers of players grows up and that the players are happy to participate in adventures with my bots.

A day will come, perhaps, I will create my own server and in this case, the utility of bots will not be necessary anymore, then everyone could play wherever they want and when they want to all the games that I created in my magic ages.
But meanwhile, bots are essential.

The rules to be observed.

As in any game, there are rules to follow. This is also the case in the magical world of Uru Live and especially in the FMT.
But the basic rule in my magic ages is : be polite with other players and respect my work.

Each player has rights and duties:

1 Access freely to magic ages without bring changes to them.
2 Using general and specific magic commands to each magic age, in accordance with rules established by Cyan and without    harming to the moving of the other avatars nor to their look.
3 Change the look of their own avatar, taking care to restore their own normal appearance before to go to public ages.
4 Play interactive games with bots, sharing his experience with new players who ask for help, in the tradition of Uru Live.
5 Move the bots without monopolizing them unnecessarily.

These are, in my opinion, the only important rules.
If it appears that a player does not comply with these basic rules, even after a recall, it will be banned of magical ages.

How to move a bot?
The basic rule for all bots is:
         To be able to move a bot, it must be free, that is to say, alone or accompanied only player who wishes to move.

In addition for :
      -MagicBot & MimiBot : only members of MagicBot Hood can move them (see forum "how to become a member of MagicBot Hood).

      -Magic-Treasure or Mimi Treasure can move in FMT ages even if it is not alone, but at the condition that it hasn't received any    command for 15 minutes.
       The only ages where it can't move are those where another bot stand in.

      -Game Master stands in TCity and can't be moved.

If these conditions are met, you can move the bot with the command : SENDBOTTO followed by the name of  age where you want the bot go.
For MagicBot and MimiBot, the name of magic ages always begins with MB (MBErcana) and 
for Treasure bots always by T (TErcana).
It is not possible to send MagicBot or MimiBot in an age of FMT and, conversely, it is not possible to send Magic-Treasure or Mimi Treasure in a MB age.

How to move a bot?
First, send to the bot you want to move the command "Hello" or "Hi".
This one will tell you if he is alone or accompanied.
If he is alone, no problem, you can send the bot everywhere with the command SENDBOTTO.
If not, try it anyway to send the command SENDBOTTO if nobody has sent him a command since more than 15 minutes he could move.
If he refuses to move, is that it is busy with at least one other player.
In this case, you can always talk to the player or players who are with him.
Why not join them and help them (if they need help)
(see the 4 points above)  Very Happy 
and ask them courteously, how long they intend to stay with the bot?
Needless to harass them all each 5 minutes, that would only upset them and they will not answer you anymore.

My role is not to make the policeman in the game.
It is, on the contrary, that I ensure that everything goes well in order to entertain the whole community of Magic Worlds.

Our motto should be this:
                              Do not do to others what you wouldn't want that they do to you.

Have Fun in our magic Ages  daccord

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