The bots that help you in your quest :)

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The bots that help you in your quest :)

Post  LuMagic on Sat 9 Aug 2014 - 19:00

1. Magic Treasure or Game Master. # KI 234 33 946

He will greet you at the beginning of your quest.
He stands ALWAYS in Treasure City (TCity) so that you can, at any time, return to the city to recover your energy.

2. Magic-Treasure # KI 236 56 022
(Take a look to the hyphen in his name.)

This is the robot that you can move from one age to another with the command : Sendbotto 
(if you have enough experience to do so)

3. Mimi Treasure # 260 10 113

Mimi Treasure will remain in the last Treasure Age created so that the advanced explorers can continue the adventure with no problem.
This robot can not move yet. It will later when the 10 parts of the game are completed.

Note that if Mimi Treasure is connected, you can not send Magic-Treasure in the same age than her.
That would be totally useless!  


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