Comments about D'ni coordinates.

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Comments about D'ni coordinates.

Post  LuMagic on Sat 2 Aug 2014 - 11:37

From Mister Magic :

While I was preparing the FMT7, I was led to study how game designers have based the coordinate display D'ni in the KI.

Theoretical explanations are given in the previous topic.
I say theoretical because in practice it is not easy to understand.

In fact, the game designers have defined for each age a zero point, called "MaintainersMarker". This is an object "phantom" for initializing the zero of the age in relation to Great Zero. But these virtual points are not absolute as one might think but relatives.

Indeed, the "ages" were drawn separately from one to others, even if they belong to the city of Ae'gura.
For example, the office Sharper (Baron's city office) is a separate age  of "City" age.
Therefore, the coordinates identified in this age are not correct.
For the game itself it does not matter much, but for a purist who wants to locate each area of ​​the city correctly, the coordinates D'ni given by the calibrated KI  are of no use.

For proof just do this:
If one goes into "float" mode in the city, from the plazza to the office Sharper (to the right of the entrance of Guild Hall and above the staircase leading to the Hall of Kings) and that we take the coordinates D'ni has this place, for example before the supposed window of Sharper's telescope , and if we compare these coordinates with the one that you obtain when you are really close to the window in this age, there is a great difference.

We can do the same with others ages of the city (the hoods and Kveer or Silo for example). But there, the documentation is less precise (on the web) because we do not know exactly where is the Kveer island neither neighborhoods of the  players.

The "MaintainersMarker" of the age "Baron City Office" should be defined so that if we look at our position inside  we remain consistent with those taken in the age "City".

There is an other inconsistency.
Make the following experiment:
Go to Sharper's office in city and place a marker at that location (no matter where you put it). Take the coordinates D'ni at this place. Catch the marker. You will find that the coordinates are correct. Now return to the Great Zero and watch again the coordinates of this marker. You will find that the coordinates have changed. They are now given by the zero of this age. If you go in the city, you will see other coordinates for the same marker.

What for?
To do this we must return to Cartesian coordinates (X, Y, Z).
Every age is drawn inside a sphere whose center is origin of this age (0,0,0).
That is With this point of reference that each object is localized by the program.
Each avatar and each movable object which is in an age is localized by means of such absolute coordinates.

Game designers have devised another location system (angular) which defines the so-called coordinates used by the D'ni.
They tried to be as consistent as possible, using reference points, called "MaintainersMarker", which are virtual objects in ages linked to the city and which are offset from the center of the sphere of each age .
These points are reference points to display the D'ni coordinates in the KI.

It should review the position of "MaintainersMarker" in every age as so as to be more consistent.

It took me several weeks to understand how works the D'ni coordinates system and why the KI did give these coordinates only in some ages and not in others.
It is this virtual object "MaintainersMarker" which serves as a reference for these coordinates. This virtual object is not in the center of the sphere of age. For example, Great Zero, it is well in abscissa and in ordinate 0.0 but at a height of 9.75 from the center of the sphere of age.
The center of the sphere is at the center of the large crystal of the Protractor. This means that the "MaintainersMarker" is above 9.75, therefore almost at the top of the crystal.

I know this is very complex, a priori, but once understood it is pretty logical.
What makes less sense it is the choice of game designers for the location of "MaintainersMarker" of each age.

Okay, I'll stop there because otherwise I could go on for hours about this captivating topic

About the units of measurement of D'ni coordinates, I think the best thing to do is to talk about Torans for the angle and Spans for the distances (HSpans for horizontal distances and VSpans for heights or vertical) even if Shahafee and Elev are also used in the documentation. The ending "tee" is the plural. So we say Shahafee 1 (or 1 Span) but we say Shahafeetee 2 (or 2 Spans). Shahafee (or Span) would be the unit of measurement of distance for both for the length to height.
Interesting topic that deserves to be deepened and especially for correcting these inconsistencies in the game.


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