Part 7: The Treasure of Great Zero & GZP3D

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Part 7: The Treasure of Great Zero & GZP3D

Post  LuMagic on Tue 29 Jul 2014 - 0:14

In the year 0 of D'ni Era (DE), surveyors established the zero point at the pinnacle of their capital city : Ae'gura.

It was also at this time that Ri'neref was crowned first king of D'ni.

The line which started from this point was aligned with the magnetic north of the Age.
The Momument in which you will get to meet
Dr. Victor Laxman, was built on this site called "Roon Gahro" in D'ni language or "Great Zero" in our language, at the coordinates 0,0,0.
When you complete the 15 missions markers of Great Zero, your KI is calibrated and it allows you to view D'ni coordinates of where you are in.
Unfortunately, these coordinates are only visible in the city and its neighborhoods.
Here is the reason :
Your KI is a basic device that was used by the "ordinary" people of the city.
For these inhabitants, it was unnecessary to determine their position in other ages, since most of them did not leave the city.
They used this device primarily for their communication means (KI level 0).
But a KI of Level 1 was granted to dignitaries, after they have been initiated into how to locate specific points of the city, in the anteroom of the Great Zero.
This initiation was continuing in the great hall of GZ.
Their initiation completed, the dignitaries could leave messages everywhere in the city and in other Ages by dropping off tags which could only be opened by those who also had a KI of level 1.
During the Restoration of the Cavern, this kind of introduction was made possible thanks to the reactivation of these special points commonly called "markers".
The dignitaries who traveled a lot around the areas of the city had to be able to quickly see where they were standing.
It was necessary to calibrate their KI to see the coordinates of the places they usually frequented (KI level 2). This allowed them to be able to accurately drop tags and leave messages to those authorized to see them.
To calibrate their KI, they used one of the calibrators of the back room of Great Zero

accessible only to those who got a Ki of level 1.
The other Ages, outside the city and its neighborhoods, had a relay of Great Zero, which allowed visitors with a KI of level 2 to locate themselves.
Unfortunately, these relays have been destroyed during the fall of D'ni.
With our current technology, Magic-Treasure is able to act as a relay and thus is able to give the coordinates of the location to a visitor who is in the same age as it, and it is no longer necessary to have to calibrate our KI in the back room of the Great Zero to get these coordinates,
it is necessary to use another procedure.
This will be the target of your mission in this game : Get a KI of level 2 useable in all ages, and more ....
Let's go to Tzero (Treasure Great Zero) where Dr. Victor Laxman is waiting to give you all his informations on this subject.
Use the Code given by your last mission so as to locate him and talk to him.

Who is Victor Laxman?

(extract from :  )

Born on June 14th, 1958, Victor Laxman received multiple Engineering Degrees from the University of Cambridge before joining the Royal Navy from 1978 to 1990. Victor first learned of the restoration efforts from Dr. Watson in early 1995 before joining the DRC from 1997 to 2004. After Dr. Watson left the DRC in 2004 he became co-leader of the DRC until it disbanded due to a lack of funding. In December of 2005 Victor Laxman first approached the other DRC members about restarting the restoration efforts and joined the DRC once more in 2006.
Unlike the other DRC members, Victor doesn’t oversee any particular phase but is instead in charge of all aspects of restoring D’ni technology. In particular, Victor is responsible for translating D’ni technology to English and making it work with human technology. He also led successfully a joint-effort with explorers to re-calibrate the Great Zero. He also oversees explorer's recent effort to re-establish the daily light cycle generated by the lake algae which was interrupted due to the Fall of D'ni. In early November he departed with his colleagues to the surface to look for other funding sources.

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Re: Part 7: The Treasure of Great Zero & GZP3D

Post  LuMagic on Tue 29 Jul 2014 - 0:19

FMT part7 : 
1. D'ni coordinates

Take a look to the map!

D'ni coordinates have 3 values : Toran, Shahfee, Elev (or Toran, HSpan, VSpan) ( Angle, Distance, Height = Altitude)

You see, while above, the flashing red beacon Great Zero.
This is the origin, the zero point of the Age. (0,0,0)
The central line which goes from the GZ toward the center of the Kerath's Ark is line 0 Toran (angle measurement D'ni)
By looking at the Kerath's Ark from the plaza of Ae'gura, the angle increases in the clockwise and makes a full turn of 62500 Torans (360 degrees).

So, 1 Toran = 360/62500 = 0,00576 degree.

Now look at the concentric circles. They represent the second coordinate. This is Shahfee (or HSpan) or the distance in relation with the Great Zero.
The unit of measurement is the Span.

Note that when you look at the Kerath's Ark from the plaza, for example, the Ark is at the magnetic north of Age.

1 Span = 4,064 metres

Finally, the 3rd coordinate, not visible in this map, is Elev (or VSpan) or the altitude in relation with the Great Zero,
also expressed in Spans.
Angular limits of the City extend from 4000 Torans East to 57000 Torans West (ie around 23 degrees East, 32 degrees West).
For example, the Ferry Terminal is located at an altitude of -93 Spans and plaza at -80 Spans.

The center of the Hall of Kings (dot 17 on the map) is at the coordinates : Toran 58425 , Shahfee 45, Elev -76

2. Absolute Coordinates

When you ll have finished the part 7 of FMT, your GZP3D will give you your position, no longer with D'ni coordinates but in absolute coordinates much easier to use.

These are the Cartesian coordinates, that we all used to use to locate us in space: abscissa , ordinate, altitude.

The Great Zero will be no longer the reference point, but of course the center of the Age in which you are standing.
Take again the example of the Hall of Kings.
In this new system, the Hall of Kings is located at  :

Abscissa 281, Ordinate 54, Altitude 291 in relation to the center of the Age of Ae'gura.

With this system, you will be able to define your position in ALL Ages!   bounce  cheers 


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