Open Hood Day April 24th at International's Hood

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Open Hood Day April 24th at International's Hood

Post  Mister Magic on Tue 22 Apr 2014 - 21:47

You are welcome to the Open Hood Day April 24th at International's Hood

This here below is a First Preliminary Schedule with all of the times noted in KI Time!
[note. this might be subject for changes due circumstances we have no control over]
The order of the presenters in each TimeSlot might change. More details to be added
as we get them. 

12:00 KI Time... DMR will start broadcasting music over the DMR server. 

13:00... [to approx 14:30] First, some sort of Informal Opening of the Open Hood Day... 
There after presentations from the following:
-- Tom / Boywhith: the MOULa Picture Book...
-- Mephu: 3 Musical Improvisations Inspired by Myst...
-- Mystler & The Open Cave Shard... 
-- Christian Walther & Minkata Test Shard...
-- Michel & Janeerah: the MagicBot, the Fabulous Magic Treasure and visits to Magic Ages...<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
-- Chloe Rhodes: "DIRT"... A Brand New Shard, soon in a computer near you!
-- diafero & Deep Island Shard... [to be confirmed... if daefero not present, then "A Message
from D.I." that, if time allows, otherwise moved to the next slot]

14:30 or later... Let's Party! The celebration continues... DMR streams music on above url/

15:30... [to approx. 17]
-- Jamie Merchant: MOULa, Heritage Nights and the Future of it...
-- Annabelle: Skydiving in the Cavern & Marker Games...
-- froglet [GorenDeBree]: Poetry and Marker Sculptures...
-- Vector Cramp: MystiTech Productions & The Lost Art...
-- Larry LeDeay & zeke3651: Guided Age Tours, a summary of the season that was...

17:00... Let's continue the Party! DMR streams music on above url/

18:00... [to approx. 19]
-- Bladem Lakem: "Unwritten", A Board Game Project...
-- matthornb: Panoramic Worlds... Game Design... 
-- Lord Chaos: Those Were the Days... 9 years of Music in the Cavern...
-- DMR, D'ni Musicologic Research: Christine & Musica...

19:00... Let's continue the Party! DMR streams music on above url/

20:00 [approx.]
Ainia: Geologic Surveys in New Mexico & All Things Uru...

After that the DMR takes over and continues the broadcats on above url/

I count on your presence to all of you.

During this meeting, I will explain the birth and evolution of robots until FMT.

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