Part 3rd : The Manesmo's booty

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Part 3rd : The Manesmo's booty

Post  LuMagic on Thu 13 Feb 2014 - 0:29

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Shortly before the fall of D'ni, a man named Manesmo has bought the Island of Teledahn to CAPTAIN Ventus's guild.

Manesmo practiced the slaves trade!

The slaves have been brought to Rebek where they were to participate in the games similar to Ancient Rome's gladiators' competitions

This despicable trade allowed him to amass a lot of gold what he has hidden in a sealed place by a secret mechanism somewhere in Teledahn.

To grasp the Manesmo's booty, you have to find this secret mechanism.

Yeesha will be your partner in this new treasure hunt.

Link you to Treasure Teledahn either with the linking book at TCity or directly to Magic-Treasure, if the bot stands in TTeledahn.

Use the code that was given to you at the end of the second part and meet Yeesha who will give you more informations.

Remember that you should always be in the same age as Magic-Treasure when you want to send to the bot your commands.
Also remember that Game Master always remains at TCity to welcome the new explorers and also to allow you to recover your energy.

How do I know where the bot stands in?
Simply send to the bot the command HI or HELLO.

If the bot is in the age that you want to go,
linking you to it with the command Meet or using the command Visit on the linking book corresponding to this age in TCity.

Good Luck and Have FUN.


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