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Post  Mister Magic on Sat 30 Dec 2017 - 11:01

Final ranking of December 30, 2017

1. List of explorers having completed the adventure (Level 10)
I have indicated in parenthesis the total amount obtained by the pellet drop in the lake from October 1 to December 30, 2017.

95 explorers have contributed to the illumination of the city.
They offered their gold pellets so that the bright lake algae can again illuminate the cave!

Aaron, Aaron21, Aggy, Algee24, Anneli, AugustOne, Aylin, azgard, Bahorigines, Bariana(17354 Dni$), barney, BarneyBumfussle, Britta, Carlin, Chiro, Claudia, Conny, Cornelia(555 Dni$), CourtJester, dahama, DirtyOldMan, DnFrodo, ds9, Extremyst, Fogman(888 Dni$), Franklife, Fritzi, Gumpey, hagi41(217 Dni$), Hagiana, Haishi, Hanako, HansGuenther, hoodwinker, Ivo, Jile, joker, Jun, ken1957, Khatie, kilIerbee, Kreuzotter, krystal, Kyouichi, Lauritz, Leonard, Leonie(134 Dni$), LilyMunster, Lupo, mabe(11713 Dni$), magicjoker, MagicKIRK, MagicZESTY, McTilbert(111 Dni$), Melchizedek, Minasunda(167 Dni$), mTX17, MysticSmile, mystifier, NChacka(16608 Dni$), nerdzillaspaz, Noraa(67 Dni$), ntrprii1, ondine(7924 Dni$), Peke, Pessimyst, Phred, Primelle, Priscilla, Ref, Referee, RilMahrehnten, rocketman, Rosrob, Seiji, ShorahtTsosahtahv, Silke, SkyBlue6, Snickuster, Solo, Sonja(1582 Dni$), Strazsha(551 Dni$), Tayrahvo, Teej, thorham, Timisoara, tkol17, Toki(550 Dni$), Tokio, Tryit, UhOh, Vaughan, WhelenIe(19642 Dni$), WillieB, YRUhere

2. Podium of these last three months:

1. WhelenIe: 19642 Dni$
2. Bariana:    17354 Dni$
3. NChacka:  16608 Dni$

3. List of the 10 best pellet throwers since the creation of the game.:

1.  Franklife: 107956 Dni$
2.  Claudia:   100549 Dni$
3.  mabe:       93022 Dni$

4.  Cornelia:   89209 Dni$
5.  WhelenIe: 56056 Dni$
6.  Gumpey:   53497 Dni$
7.  mTX17:    53066 Dni$
8.  hagi41:    49692 Dni$
9.  Solo:       47154 Dni$
10. Peke:     43151 Dni$

Congratulations to all !

The FMT adventure is now over.
When the conditions are met, the FMT will be available again online.
All progress files of players who have participated in this game will also be reset to give all explorers a chance to start the adventure o[size=16]n an equal footing.

See you soon.alien

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