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Please would you read the following carefully :

When you connect to one of the robots created by Mister Magic


1. The robots are in private ages.
When you first visit one of these ages, a single new header entry is created in your KI, called "Magic Worlds".
All the items (KI-pictures, notes, marker games etc.) you save in any of these ages will be stored under the one "Magic Worlds" header.

2. You confirm that you understand the rules to be observed in these magic ages and in particular that you are prohibited from making any changes to these private ages.

3. You will take all the necessary actions to resume a normal appearance after leaving any magic age, removing any modifications you have made during your visit (for instance accessories like the Aushat or Cyanhat, clothing, hairstyle or skin colour variations that are not available to normal users in the standard Cyan wardrobe)
You alone are responsible for the way your avatar appears in the public ages.
Neither the robots nor their creator (Michel - Mister Magic) can be held responsible if your avatar appears in a public age with an outfit or appearance that is banned by Cyan.

4. You accept that you will see unusual things, ("mixology", that is to say ages that have been edited for content and appearance) and understand that the effects will persist after you have left the magic age, until you completely quit and restart the game

5. The Magic Hood is private and must never be made public or put into the Nexus list.

6. No new member may be added to the Magic Hood without first informing Mister Magic (Michel).


1. That the files on the Cyan servers that contain your user progress and identity are not modified in any way by the bots.  Extra information is loaded alongside those files during your magic age visit, and remains until you quit and restart the game program.  Logout alone is not enough, you must quit the game altogether and restart.

2. That all the magic commands you send to the robots are completely safe for your avatar.  No permanent changes are ever made.

3. That your previous appearance will be regained when you quit and restart the game
The robots have two important commands that let you save and restore your appearance, SAVEME and RESTOREME.
Please read the descriptions in the "Cloting" section for a full explanation.

4. That all the effects of the mixology are removed when you quit the game

5.That if you are a member of the Magic Hood, you are allowed to move the bots from a magic age to another.

6.That we can help you to learning how to use the magic commands.

These rules have been established to make sure that everyone can have fun in the magic ages without endangering an avatar
or the Cyan Ages themselves. 
If you should knowingly violate any of these rules, you may be banned from using the bots, and also risk being banned by Cyan.

(Thx a lot Alan)


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