How to start as well as possible the Part 2

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How to start as well as possible the Part 2

Post  LuMagic on Thu 23 Jan 2014 - 16:34

To start the adventure of the part 2, as well as possible, we have to remember of some importants points.

1- Firstly, you will be able to go to TEr'cana if and only if your Experience Level is 10.
2- You must have received the Yeesha's code which allows you to gain access to the
     part 2.
3-  Find the linking book in TCity which teleports you at TErcana.

When you are at TErcana don't forget to check if the bot Magic-Treasure is standing in the same as age you
If you can't see the bot, you must wait that the bot arrives in the same age you.
If the bot is there, send it : Continue Quest
This command ( continue quest) will initialize this magical age and will update your levels.

Like for Part 1, the code you obtained is very important.
Send to the bot : Dropmeto follows by the 3 numbers you have obtained so as to teleport you to a special place in that  age.
You can, thereafter, always use this command if you want to return to this place.

Then, go to a place that matches with the last word of this message.
This will be easy if you know well the mapping of that age.
And as for the first part, this place is not far from the landing point that matches to the coordinates of the Dropmeto.  cheers 

There, send the code that begins with EI.... Then Sutherland will greet you and give you the first informations.
Remember that you can always come back later to this place to get of Sutherland other important informations through the command : Info.

In this age you can find potions and energy rations.
But do not forget that you can always return to TCity to recharge your magic points and vital energy.
Simply send to Magic Treasure (Game Master) which still resides in TCity the command : MEET, if you want to go back to TCity.

Magic Treasure of TCity wears a beige pants while its twin brother, Magic-Treasure of TErcana, wears black pants and shoes...Less messy during its futurs travels.  Shocked  rire 

Have Fun.

Magic-Treasure (#KI 23656022) in TErcana:

Sometimes the bot got a Net6 and even if it is back in the same age as you it is possible you can't see it. It happens.
Then, you must link you again to TCity.

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