Third lesson : Magical movements

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Third lesson : Magical movements

Post  Mister Magic on Fri 10 Jan 2014 - 23:42

Welcome to this third session of initiation of magical commands.
These meetings will be held once a month, in principle, on the second Friday at 13 KI TIme.

Today we'll learn how to use commands magical movements.
And the best place to learn these commands is Ercana.
So we'll go there immediately. We will join Magic Bot.
We met there.

If you have any questions, ask them after my presentation. thank you...
I already wish you a good evening.

In Ercana
We are  on peripheral top of the hill of Ercana.
Our goal will be to get to the oven at the bottom of the age.
Of course, we will do so magical, allowing us to study the movement commands.
To begin we will go on top of the central hill.
You should know that all movement commands withdraw temporarily the physical effects of your avatar.
This means that you can cross obstacles with these commands !
But once the command completes, your avatar resumes normal effects and if the ground below it is empty, you will fall to Relto!

However, there is a command that will allow you to maintain the magical effect.
It is this command that we will use now: Float.
With this command, you will put yourself and stay afloat. This will prevent you from falling.
Float is used followed by a number.
This number corresponds to the height you want to take over your position.
This number may be positive or negative.
If it is positive, you get up in the air, if it is negative, you will descend into the ground.
If zero, you will stay afloat where you are.

Note that when you are in float mode, you do not know to move with the arrow keys.
You will need to use other magic commands to move.

Do a test.
PM robot: Float 10
You will climb 10 meters.
Try to move. It is impossible.

Now PM: Float -5
You descend 5 meters.

To remove the effect of weightlessness PM robot: Land.
You are again free to move.
Attention to this command If you use it over a void you will fall and reach your Relto!
So always use it if the ground below your avatar is stable.

To get us on the hill in front of us, we put ourselves well in its axis.
Put yourself in Indian file behind me.
And no unseemly gesture please! (lol) 

Then  PM the bot float 0 to get you floating mode.

Now use the move command: Walk 5
We move 5 steps forward.
You notice that this movement is not enough. But you do not fall!
Now PM the bot : Run 24
You will run 24 times!
This is like the walk command, but it's faster!

PM: Land
You fall on the hill.

If you have incorrectly referred Initially, you'll fall off.
In this case, PM the Bot. Find Mister, to come to me.

You are now free to move.
But beware, the top of the hill is very close!

Use the float commands, run and walk to go over the top in front of you.
I wait for you there.
If you fall, PM: Find Mister to come on me.

If you are on the top near me, PM the bot : Float -5
Then PM : Land
You fall in the "heart" of the hill Smile

Use  float 50, then Land, to reach the top again.
And walk, normally to the end of the hill.F
I'm waiting for you near the right pipe of the factory entrance.

Stand in front of the exit of the tube or I and PM: walk 5
You will pass thrue the invisible wall.

When you are inside, walk to the 3 pipes at your lefts.
Do not go too much into the background otherwise you will fall into the void.
Come near me.
The floor is solid up against the wall. After you fall. Follow me.
Come close to me but not to exceed me or you'll fall!

Now, get one behind the other, in line behind me and look in the same direction as me.
I'll go first. Then, the next player takes my place and do the same thing as me. And so on.

First, I PM the bot : Float 15.
Then Run 5
then land

Now, we will walk to the top. Do not exceed me.
Walk along the wall well because at your  right the ground is not solid!
Stop !
Now, because from here it's not easy to go safetly inside the Factoroy without fall, we will use another magic command.
PM gthe bot : AGOTO -85 103 41
You are teleported inside the factory.

Now follow me outside.
The bridge is demolished. But it does not matter. 
We will use the walk 7 command to get to the other side.
PM the bot : Walk 7

And now we can run to the other side of the silo.
We go through the control room.

Again the bridge is broken. So Run 5

And finnaly we arrives near the machine pellets.

But I would like show you something nice
Use the ladder to climb onto the roof.

Look at the mountains.
Now, PM the bot : Float 10
Then Walk 15
If you can't see the lake, PM the bot : back 5
You will go back 5 steps.
What a nice vue, isn't it ?

Try the 2 commands : stepleft 5  then stepright 5, to make small side step

And the last command. PM Turn 180
And you make a half-turn on yourselves.
Now run 8
and land

With the command turn, you can turn in the 3 directions x, y and z
x, y and z must be a number of degrees, positives or negatives.

For exemple try this : Turn -15 30 0
Use up or dow arrow key to
To restore your normal position, use the left or right arrow key.

Thank you for your attention.

Thank you for your participation in this  magical evening.
I'll see you on the second Friday of next month.

And don't forget the game with Master Game : The Fabulous Magical Treasure (FMT) !

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Re: Third lesson : Magical movements

Post  Peke on Sat 11 Jan 2014 - 18:19

Thank you very much for a texit!!

It was a splendid lesson.  Very Happy 
As for me, the exploration of the factory was very fun.
When I played in Petreceiver, I did not know a place to go and was always returned to Relto.
I want to learn that course somehow.  cheers

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