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Introduction by Game Master.

1. The Story
According to legend, just before the fall of D'ni, the notables of the city, the great masters of the guilds, feeling the end of their civilization had accumulated all their wealth and had hidden somewhere in the Cavern.
There two years ago, some explorers had been searching for this treasure.
Through their experiences of skydiving, some were able to discover a part of this treasure well hidden in a cave where the vestiges of the Great Guild (Today destroyed) are always.
We still can see the barricaded door of this building on Aegura plaza.

This chest was opened with many indices that these brave explorers had collected during months of research.
What did they find?
That their courage and perseverance are their greatest treasure.
However, their quest was not in vain as they have could  also earn gold coins  : Dni$ which were the D'ni's currency.

But what they did not know was that this chest was only the visible part of the true hidden treasure of the D'ni civilization.
They could not find this treasure without the aid of magic. But now it is possible with the help of magical powers provided by the robots in the Cavern.

When I checked the memory of bots, I noticed a series of numbers and letters that I had not programmed.
I first thought that it might be a bug. I then cleaned all the memory and have restarted the bots.
During the Halloween party at Magic Kemo, strange phenomena occurred. But the most surprising was the appearance of an enigmatic avatar, unnamed. I first thought it was an intruder came sabotage the evening.
So I again checked the files of the bots to discover who was behind this ghost avatar. And this is where are these mysterious numbers and letters have appeared again.
It was then that I had an idea.
And if this avatar mystery had been sent me a coded message?
Finally, after many hours of research, the solution came to me.
These figures represent the coordinates of special places in the cavern.
The problem lies in knowing in which Age we can find these places.
Letters should help me find the solution. But, I'm still at the very beginning of my investigations. But I can not do it alone.
Why are these coordinates? What link is there with the fabulous treasure?
So I decided to share this adventure with you.
It will be a beautiful and long epic that you can experience in live, with the help of a bot.
If you want to be One of the explorers who will discover this Fabulous Treasure then read on ...
2. Preamble

Here is the first code that I could find in memory of Magic Bot.
0 -298 145  AI421 Door
I learned that the first three digits (0 -298 145) were the coordinates of particular spots of an age. The command Dropmeto qill be helpful to reach these spots.
On the other hand, by cross-checking with the other series, I have concluded the rest
AI421 code must be sent to the bot when we stand near the place indicated in the last message. Here this spot is :  Door.
So I have to stand myself near a door not far from where I has been teleported and I must  send to the bot the code :AI421.

Remains to be known in which Age I could be teleported for being landed near a door ...
It is this part of the puzzle that will be the most difficult to solve.
What I can reveal is that after trying the command dropmeto 0 -298 145  in several Ages, it is at Ae'gura City that the code works best. Does the letter A of the code : AI421  would be the first letter of Ae'gura? hmm
It is also the first letter of Ahnonay.  
Maybe you will discover the meaning of this letter.

I also learned that the second letter of the code (I in this one) gives an indication about what will happen after sending the code to the bot.
I means that you will receive an important information. You will also discover during your quest, meaning other letters(C,O,E,F,M,$)
The last point to clarify is the number 421 at the end of the code.
In all likelihood, this number is a control that allows the bot to validate or not the code it receives.

I still have something very important to tell you.

To optimize the interactivity of this adventure game, a new robot has been created.
It is it and only it which will be your partner in adventure.
His name? In fact, I should say their names.
In according to where the bot and you are standing its name will be not the same :
  -If you and the bot you are standing in the same age its name will be Game Master.
  -Otherwise if  you and the bot you aren't standing in the same age its name will be Magic Treasure.
Its #Ki. 26224.

Why these two names?
Cuz like that you will know to which bot you could send the commands.

With Game Master:
It is to him that you will send the specific codes to the explored Ages  as well as the usual magic commands (run, walk, float ...).
With Magic Treasure:
You can check your inventory (I will refer about that later) at any time.
The command to check your inventory will be presented you by a well-known Character, at the beginning of your quest.
You could also send to this bot some codes will allow you to upgrade your avatar.
You could link you to its Age ( there where the bot is standing in)
 with the commands  Link or Meet.
You learn very quickly to differentiate which commands you could send  to the robot. And, of course, it will tell you whether or not it accepts them.

3. Magic Treasure Hood

To participate in the adventure, you must become a member of the Magic Treasure Hood.
Only members of this Hood can interact with Game Master (Magic Treasure) and move the bot from one Age to another.
On the imager of the Hood will be published notes and important pictures that will be useful for adventure.
You will be notified of the opening of the Hood one month before the start of the game.
But as from now, I suggest you book or create an avatar that will become a member of  the Magic Treasure Hood.
Make you sure the KI will be calibrated so that it could read the D'ni coordinates of the City and it could open the markers races.

4. Magic Treasure City
Magic Treasure City will be your city of residence. But at the beginning of your adventure as you possess only some magical powers very limited, several barricades won't allow you to reach some parts of the city.
You could reach these places gradually in accordance with your level of experience.

Some buildings and some objects of the city will be very helpful.
For example, an items shop run by Zandi is located in a commercial building at the the canyon near the Kadish Gallery.
Be patient you will discover this shop very soon.  
Just remember Magic Treasure City is the place where the Game Master will stand in more often..
5. The Inventory book

As I told you earlier, this book will be given you by a well known woman in the Cavern.
She will come to see you in due course and she will offer you this Book.
Without this book, you will not able to embark you on the adventure because it will save your progress and  it will update your level of experience, the Life Force, the Magic Power.
It calculates how many Dni$ you have got(currency of  the cave) and it updates the objects you have found.
You can consult at any time your book inventory with the command : Inventory
Whether you are or not in the same age as the robot, PM this command to Game Master or Magic Treasure.
Now let see the utility of these levels and these objects.

 5.1. Experience Level (Experience) (E)
At the beginning when you start your quest,  your Experience level is 0.
This level will increase based on your ability to overcome challenges throughout the Adventure.
If your Experience Level is sufficient you will perform some trial, you will access to some Ages and to parts of the City.
You will discover the fabulous Treasury if it reaches at least level  100.
 5.2. Vital Force Level (Life Force) (F)
Initially, the level of your Vital Force is  20.
This is the maximum level possible throughout the game
It must always be greater than 0, otherwise you will not able to continue the quest. You should wait it increases.

This level decreases when you use certain magical commands and in case of a fall, assault or poisoning.  
It increases by 1 unit each 3 hours of rest or  by absorbing revitalizing foods especially in the Tavern of Victor.

5.3. Magical Power Level (Magical powers) (M)
This level is 10 units when you begin the quest and the maximum depends on your Experience Level.
More the level is higher more you can use a lot of magic commands.
The minimum level of 1 is required if you want to send a code to Game Master or to Magic Treasure.
It decreases by 1 unit when you use some magic command.
It increases, either  by going to connect to the light meter (under certain conditions) or by absorbing some potions

When the Experience Level reaches 10 the maximum Magical Power is 20

                                                 25,                 "                        30
                                                 50,                 "                        40
                                                 75,                 "                        50
                                               100,                 "                        60 
You will learn during the game what are the magic commands that you can use depending on your Magical Powers Level.
5.4. Dni$ ($)
The Dni$ is the currency used for your transactions.
Initially, you have 10 Dni$
With Dni$, you can:
-buy items in the Zandi' shop or potions in the Kodama's drugstore.
At Magic City, Zandi holds his trade in a shop near the Canyon, Kodama manages a drugstore in the tent of the Library.

To know the list of what they sell, position yourself near them and send the command :  List Zandi or List Kodama.

The objects and their prices vary during the game.
To buy an object to Zandi, Kodama : BuyObject (BuyDrug) name of object

To sell an object to Zandi and only to Zandy : SellObject name of object
When you sell an object to Zandy its price is equal to half of its purchase price.
For example, you may have bought a hammer that was worth 10Dni$ and later sell it for 15Dni$ because its purchase price, at that time T, is 30Dni$.  So you could make a profit of 5Dni$.
But the reverse is also possible.
If an object is not in the list of items for sale, it is impossible for you to resell it.

You can earn Dni$ by selling to Zandi an item that you have got, as we have seen above.

You also will reap few Dni$ with the mini quest proposed by Game Master from time to time.
Finally, you will reap Dni$ in other places as soon as you will see the $ symbol.
5.5. Objects (Objects) (O)
During your quest, you'll need objects to perform some actions, such as a key to open a door.
With the gathered clues, you will discover these objects. This will often be located near coded spots with the letter O.
Some objects can also be purchased at the Zandi' shop.
Read Section  5.4 to known how to proceed.
If you need an object for a particular action, Game Master will inform you about that.
6. The meaning of the letters C et I of the codes.
You learned that each code is constituted by a letter which is located in second position in this code, this letter explains to you what will happen. But only after you have sent this letter to the bot.
E is your level of experience, F is your level of vital force, M is your level of Magic Power,  $ is D'ni$ and O is an object.
There are still two letters which I have not mentioned.

6.1. The letter C
This letter indicates that you have a choice to make. The choices you make will determine the result of your progress in the search for Fabulous Treasure.
6.2. The letter I
This letter indicates you will receive important informations about your quest.
Take note of all the details. Often valuable indications will hide in this information.
I suggest you take notes.

You will discover little-by-little other things that will be helpful.
You will meet other explorers.
You could exchange ideas, discoveries and use all the resources that will be proposed in order to find the Fabulous Treasure.
A few words before you embark on the adventure.

Make sure that the KI of your avatar is able to read the red and green markers.
If Magic Treasure (Game Master) is standing at Magic Treasure City, join it with the commands Link or Meet and you could start the adventure with the command: Start Quest  to register you as an explorer of Magic Treasure .
Follow the instructions and hurry up to get your inventory book.
Collect the clues that will help you discover the Fabulous Treasure.

When you exit the Cavern, your progress will be saved in your inventory book.
But, the best way to quit the game is with the command : Quit Quest
When you use this command, your last position will be save. So, when you will come back in the cavern, you'll continue quest at the same place.
You will recover your clothes for a walk in public places and you will be teleported in Magic Treasure Hood.

To resume exploration , send to Magic Treasure (Game Master) the command :  Continue Quest 
This command is important because when you PM it the bot:
-You get your explorer T-shirt. 
-You will continue the adventure where you had left and most importantly, 
-your inventory will be updated with the points that you get when you are at rest.

To completely restart the whole game, use the command: Restart Quest. Please note that this command is irreversible.

At the beginning of the adventure you will recieve an explorer outfit .
This outfit will change depending on your Experience Level.
As this outfit is not yet officially recognized by Cyan, you can never wear it in public area in the Cavern.
Therefore, if your avatar wants to join these public area, you will need to remove your outfit before you go there.
That's why I recommend you use the command Quit Quest.
But do not worry, when you resume exploration Fabulous treasure, this outfit will be automatically restored.

A special section will be opened in this forum so you could ask any questions about this Adventure.
Given that this is an Adventure Game and that the Spirit of URU always has been sharing information, the answers will be published ​​in this section, so that each of them can benefit to the whole explorers.


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