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Magic Soccer Minkata

Post  LuMagic on Fri 25 Oct 2013 - 16:53

Organizing a soccer at Magic City requires two conditions:

1. No game already in progress! Shocked alien cheers 

2. An official referee named.


This command will allow you to become an official match referee.
If there is already a referee , there are two possibilities:

-Either the Referee is there even if you send the command:  Refereeme, the robot will tell you and will suggest that you ask the Referee in place if he wishes to give up.
In this case he must send the command : Unregister so as not be anymore the Refeere.
Now you can send the command Refereeme and becomes the new Referee.

-Either the referee is absent from the field (either because he has crashed, either because he has given up but he forgot to send  the command : Unregister.
In this case, the player will automatically lose his statut and he will be replaced by one that just sent the command : Refereeme.

A named Referee receives automatically his outfit of referee and he is the only one who can manage the game.

Outfit Referee

Note: Administrators always have soccer referee status. They can therefore, if they are present during a game, stand in for the referee missing . Currently these two administrators are Mister Magic and  [x].

Foot on

Only a referee can run this command.
It allows to organize a soccer game. This prevents anyone other than the referee to place the ball and update the scores.

You can play on day or on night.
Here the Night.


This command reserved for the referee puts the ball at the center of the field.
The referee will use this command at the beginning of the game or after a goal has been scored in order to resume the game.


This command, reserved for the referee, can put the ball on his/her head, in order to resume the game from where it should be resume it.
Example : if the ball goes out off the field the referee can be on the low wall and resume the game from this place.

Process of a game.

The game is played with 1 referee and 2 teams. The referee forms teams.

- The "Red Spheres" Team with their own outfit.
the command to get it is : outffit spheres.

- The "Blue Cubes" Team with their own outfit.
the command to get it is : outfit cubes

Mister Magic will use these terms because the scorbaoard  is composed of  cubes for a team and of spheres to the other team.
Ideally, each team should be composed of five players and 1 goalie.
If you wish to be a substitute you are welcome you could be usefull if a player get a crash.

As these uniforms are only visible by the players present at the time of sending this command when other visitors come to see the game playing, they will not see the colors of the uniforms.
For them they are wearing white!
Then from time to time, for them, please send again to the bot the command of your outfit.
The referre needs to do it also.

The referee decides the camp for each team.

There are two half-time.
Each half-time ends after 15 minutes of play

Each time a goal is scored, the referee shouts "GOAL FOR ..." specifying the name of the team scored a goal.
The decision of a referee is not questionable. He is sovereign in these decisons throughout the game.
It displays the scoreboard.
After the first half-time, the teams changes of camp.
The second half-time can then start.
At the end of the second half-time, the winner is the team that scores the most goals.

When the game is over, the referee sends the command: Foot off

This command ends the current game and the referee is discharged his/her responsibilities.


This command allows a referee to quit his duties during the game and then to let his role to another person
If a referee leaves the game before sending this command, for example in case of sudden crash, another player can take his place  by sending the command : Refereeme.
If this command is sent by mistake while the referee is always being present, those who have sent the order will be aware by the bot of the fact that there is already a designated referee.alien

Score [Cubes] [Spheres]

This command allows the referee to change the display of the score.
The first digit represents the goals scored by the "Cubes" and the second digit represents the number of goals scored by the "Spheres ".
For example, the command : Score 3 5 will put  3 cubes and five spheres on the edge of the field near the cliff like the picture shows it.

Out Of Field or OOF:

This command allows you to exit the field.

Last important point.
We suggest you to use the command : Saveme before wearing  your soccer outfit.
In this way, after the game you can resume your usual look with the command
: Restoreme


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