zandi, yeesha, bahro & the other

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zandi, yeesha, bahro & the other

Post  LuMagic on Thu 14 Feb 2013 - 21:31

These commands below only work if you are in the same age as the robot.
Characters that can be seen are :
[name] = bahro, zandi, blake, yeesha, cate, sutherland, engberg, kodama, randmiller, victor.

[name] on

This command sets the desired character to where you are.
For example : cate on puts her avatar in front of you.

Subsequently, if another player types cate on, this avatar will leave its last location to go to front of the player who used the command.

[name] off

This command removes the named avatar .

[name] [action]

This command allows you to animate the named avatar .

Actions are in alphabetical order:

agree, amazed, ask, beckonbig, bow, callme, cheer, clap, cower, crazy, cringe, crossarms, cry, dance, doh, flinch, groan, kneel, laugh, leanleft, leanright, lookaround, okay, overhere, peer, point, run, runningjump, salute, scratchhead, shakefist, shakehead, shoo, shrug, sideswimleft, sideswimright, sitdown, sitidleground, slouchsad, sneeze, standingjump, stepleft, stepright, talk, talkhand, tapfoot, taunt, thank, turnleft, turnright, walk, walkback, walkingjump, wave, winded, yawn.

Example: zandi leanright
Zandi is going to lean to the right and then coming back its original position.

Thank you Jan & AlanD for your help.


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