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Fun Commands

Post  LuMagic on Thu 3 Oct 2013 - 15:39

Here the magic commands for fun at Magic Kirel! sunny 

To play with colored balls.

For receiving objects on head

Fountain on Fountain and off
To place or remove the fountain in the main square of Kirel.

Light on & Light off
to obtain illuminated Kirel or under the grey fog.

Water on and Water off

Allows you to place or remove the water from the river and from the garden of lights.

Cracks on & Cracks off
To view or remove soil cracks of this age

To obtain an Explorers'shirt .

You must stand you in front of a table and send to the robot the command : Shirt.
The bot will give you the shirt that matches the color of the place where you stand in.
If you would like to obtain this shirt from no matter where you are  at Magic Kirel, send to the robot : Wear Explorersw
In this case, you will receive a shirt but white shirt.
You could  color this shirt  to your taste with Wcolor Explorersw color1 color2 command where color1 and color2 are respectively the colors of the shirt,  of the striped sleeves and of the underwear.

pics asap


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