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Magicgame 13: The Bahro Stones

This new interactive game takes place at Magic Minkata.
With the help of  a bot, you need to bring back the Bahro stones of each Kiva as well as the central stone binding cage.


To protect themselves from evil visitors who inhabit the cave at this time, the Bahro have removed the stones binding of the five Kivas of Minkata and plus the center stone of the cage.
Only visitors who would solved the puzzle of the "qualities" of each Kiva can regain access to the Bahro cave.

You should know indeed that the Kivas are bathed in light energies that vary from one to another. Each color is associated with a quality:

The Cleverness = Red ->R
The Force = Orange ->O
The Bravery = Yellow ->Y
The Magic = Green ->G
The Experience = Blue -> B

These are 5
"Matérias" of the Kivas

Each Kiva has a well-defined order of Materias. This sequence differs from one to another Kiva.
Your quest will consist to find the sequence of  Materias for each Kiva to reactivate the Bahro stones.
Then you will know what will be the order of Materia of the Central Stone that will give you, again, access to the Bahro cave.
You will know more later.

When you think you have found the right sequence of materias for one Kiva, place yourself at this Kiva then send to the bot the color code in the order of importance, the most important first and the least last .
For example, if for the  Kiva 1 you think courage is the most important Materia, followed by the magic, the intelligence, the experience and finally the strength, at the time send to the bot the Code:
If the code is correct, the Bahro stone will be put again.

As for the Central linking Stone of  the cage, the code will be determined as follows:
The first Materia of the Kiva 1 followed by the second Kiva 2 and so on.

To find the sequence of Materias of each Kiva, clues will be given by 20 hidden markers at Minkata DAY . Each marker will begin with the name of the Kiva to which the index relates. There are four indices by Kiva, so find four markers by Kiva, that which makes a total of 20 markers.
To find the location of these markers, a first quest you will be given early in the game
Magicgame 13 - Night
The hidden markers are visible. But because of the fog that plagues, some will be more difficult to see than others.
A first task is to direct yourself to the five constellations associated to the five Kivas.
A marker is placed at the center of the Night cage. It tells you to send to the bot the
CST command.

A constellation is going to blink to indicate to you the path to follow.

From the center of the cage, use the command run[x]  towards the center of the constellation until you find the clue marker. Don't worry, these markers are placed well in a straight line from the center of the cage to the center of the constellation. The bot will say you the number of [x] you must run.

Each marker is above a crater, so relatively visible.
Each marker has a code you need to send the bot to obtain an information on the position of clue markers of the Matérias in Day mode.

When you have obtained the information from the first marker, return to the center of the cage, always at night, and send again to the bot the  CST code . The second constellation will start flashing indicating the direction where you could find the second marker. Continue this until whether you have found the five clue markers.
Whenever you send to the bot a code marker of constellation, the color of the horizon of the sky is changed. I can not tell you more, but this should be a further indication to the future...

There are also four other markers located in the oasis of Minkata, always at night. These markers also have a code to send to the bot. At Minkata in daylight, three of these markers will help you find a crater. This is the conundrum entitled : The road crater. This road is divided into three parts. Each sent parts the one after the other  will give you the path to follow, in daylight, to find a crater which will give you  an important marker.
Always in daylight, the fourth marker of the oasis will tell you how to find another important marker.

Keep well all information provided by  clue markers at Minkata by night. They will serve you to find the markers at Minkata in daylight and solve the puzzle of Materias

Once you have retrieved the 9 clues markers Minkata at Night and you have sent to the bot 9 codes, you will be teleported to Minkata in daylight and you will receive the second quest: Magicgame 13 - Day.

Through to the informations collected with clue markers of Minkata at night, you should be able to find  20 markers which allow you to solve the puzzle of Materias of each Kiva and to restore the linking Stone.

This new game uses both your sense of direction and your logical mind. All the Night markers are visible.
The Day markers are usually hidden. But by using the clues, you'll know to see them.

To get started :
Choose Minkata at night and send StartMg13 command. You will receive your first quest: Magicgame 13 - Night.

Last point:
Since this game uses many effects, it is not possible to play several at the same time Sad .

So, there is a important command I ask that you use when you stop the game: Endgame.
This command will make room for another player. You can also leave the age, this is the same as the Endgame command.

Mister Magic hopes you have as much fun playing to MG13 as him has got when he created this new MG.

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