The time has come...

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The time has come...

Post  LuMagic on Tue 16 Jul 2013 - 14:56

Hellooo All

This is time for me to no longer be  Admin of the English Forum.
Mimi and the Magic now have many English speakers friends who speak better French than me the English.
That is Time for them to take over. sunny 

I loved to participate in this adventure.
The Forum has grown under the leadership of its founder, of his imagination, of his creativity and his combativeness, it was exciting.
Thank you Michel for giving me this wonderful experience. I love you 
Why have I been designated like the Admin of the English Forum?
That  will remain a mystery to me, I think I can say that it was not for my knowledge of English langage. lololol

Fortunately for the quality of the Forum I received valuable aids.
Thank to GayHood and MagicPiri for their contributions, to Aland who through its corrections has allowed to provide comprehensible translations including by myself (Rolling Eyes Laughing ).
And of course, I thank especially Janeerah who immediately agreed to help me.

@ Michel.
The decision to this ad directly to the forum rather than by MP seemed to me essential. sunny 
Obviously I will ensure the continuity until the arrival of the new Admin, but I do not doubt that this will be done very quickly.
I have not consulted the cards, but I have no doubt there are many here much more qualified people than me to take charge of the English Forum.

Uh ... Do not think you're going to be gotten rid of me like that Laughing 
I remain a member of the forum, ok my violet color will miss me but I swapped it against the green color that is one of hope so ...

Thank you all for your benevolence and your kindliness.
Welcome to the new Admin.

Long life to the Cavern and our Bots.


Lu. sunny



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Re: The time has come...

Post  Mister Magic on Wed 17 Jul 2013 - 16:08

Firstly, I would like to present you, in my name, Mimi and Magic, our most sincere thanks to all the volunteer work you have ant since the creation of this forum.
A thousand times thank you!

You see, I express myself in English, certainly with syntax errors and spelling. But I do it with my heart and the respect that we all have to give you.

After discussing with you in private, let me reassure all our loyal friends: you continue to be our admnistratrice of the English forum. cheers 

You thought to do well by giving your post to someone else because you thought, wrongly, usurping a place that does not belong to you.
If I asked you a few months ago to accept this post is because I have always enjoyed your qualities and motivated woman who loves what she does. Like me, you are a person who keeps his word and assume commitments.

Many thanks Lu, and I hope you will long continue this role.
This is yours !

Now I also want to thank all the administrators of this forum. .
You made ​​a remarkable and very important work, even if I do not tell you often enough.
Believe me I appéciate your talent and devotion to make this forum "The number one" forum dedicated to the magical world of Uru Live.

I also thank all our friends who help us in the success of this forum: Janeerah, Piri, Gay Hood, Aland, Tom and Peke, and all supporters of the magical world.

travaux Long live to the "URU MagicWorlds" forum travaux

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