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Fun Commands

Post  LuMagic on Wed 3 Jul 2013 - 17:38

As for each magic age, do not forget to send the W command to the bot when you arrive at Minkata !
( In case you could not see the oasis of Negilahn  into the desert.)

Here are the fun commands of Minkata.

To find the balloon.

To put or remove the fog of the desert.

Dust on
To see the wind of the desert sand.

Dust off
To remove it.

To see minkata in daylight

To see Minkata at night

For a special effect of day and night. The decor gets dark and the ground becomes transparent. The oasis of Negilahn is particulary nice like that..

To return to normal brightness of Minkata of day and night. (Resets the "black")

To ride on the back of Urwin for a minute and then return to the oasis.
There can be only one person at a time per trip.

To see Panuhdoy the monkey in the tree near the Pod.
You will be transported to float mode where the monkey is.
The monkey will happen to your height and start eating, cry ... for a minute, then it will jump to the ground and disappear under the root of a tree. Then you will automatically land on the ground.
You could watch the monkey by subjective view.
As with the previous command, only one person can see the monkey in this place at the same time.
But with a float = 25, near the tree, nothing prevents you to look it at several.

To do a trip on the cloud of fireflies under the sand of Minkata, around the lower part of the Pod. Admire the vegetation here!

After a minute, you will be returned to the oasis.


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