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Python Console

Post  Mister Magic on Sat 29 Jun 2013 - 21:03

This Topic has been the exchange of knowledge in PlClient for Python scripts.
Ask your questions here, we will try to answer them.
This is where you can post your own discoveries.

I open this topic with this :

1. Open Python console in PlClient.

If you look at the directory of the game you will see a directory with Python files with the extension. Py.
It is written in Python files that are used by the program to execute the commands of the game.
These commands or functions rather than each file are grouped into modules with extension. Py and the name of each module is important because it is the name that will be used to call the functions it contains.

Python modules can be read and edited with a simple text editor, but it is preferable to use Plasmashop that not only will call the python editor, but also other programs to view the contents of other files that we will need in programming.
It sounds complicated, but rest assured, we will learn little-by-little to use all this with concrete examples.

For my part, and although it is a beta version, I use version 3 Plasmashop that until now, have no problem.

PlClient contains a Python console that allows you to call directly, while you play, the functions contained in the modules directory of the Python game.
To call this console, open the Plasma console by pressing the ctrl+% key (or ctrl+tilde) (near the big key [Enter] on your keyboard) and then press the backslash <\>.
You know you are in the Python console by signs >>> beginning of the line instead of ] the Plasma console. To return to the Plasma console, simply press again <\> or Escape.

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