Thank you Lileth (borrow this place)

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Thank you Lileth (borrow this place)

Post  Peke on Thu 13 Jun 2013 - 2:46

Dear Lileth!! flower
Thank you for teaching a procedure of Door run carefully. I was able to understand it very well. Very Happy
It was slightly different from the method that I usually used, but thought that I was easy to do the method that you used.
I do not understand English very much. Therefore it is worry whether my explanation reached you definitely.
You might know this method and might already use it.
I introduce the method that was not conveyed definitely once again here. Cool

It is decided that a spiral door appeared in order of 1472536.
Caller conveys it to Clother (the name that I acquired without permission) all the members by a chat.
1 Clother touches Spiral Cloth promptly and types "1" by a chat.
If "1" is typed, 4 Clother touches Spiral Cloth, and the next types "4".
If "4" is typed, 7 Clother touches Spiral Cloth, and the next types "7".
Similarly, if "7" is typed, 2 Clother touches Spiral Cloth next and type "2".
As such, Clother of 5,3,6 performs a thing same as this, too.
If you use this method, Caller can be in charge of Spiral Cloth.
This is the method that is effective when hands are insufficient.

Thank you for being always nice to me.
I am happy having a splendid friend. I love you

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