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Magicgame12 is a Master Mind in 3D which is played at Magic Jalak alone or in competition with other players.

To play, go to the embankment (backfield) where the robot usually stands in.
Two glasses structures are placed at the edge of the field to show you the excat place. Look up at the columns of Jalak. Send the command:


This command will initialize a new game Master Mind 3D, unless a party is already underway. In this case, the player can also try to find the right combination.
The central field will be gone down to a minimum.
The robot will also placed on the edge of an embankment two long glass pillars to determine where players must be there. This is there where the robot is usually stand in at Magic Jalak.

The principle
This game is played with the first 5 columns that are in front of you numbered from left to right 1 to 5.
Each column may have a height between 1 and 10.
The target is to find the right height for each column.
There is no limit for your tries and no countdown.
If we play with others players, this is the first to find the right combination that wins the game.

How to play:
When a player sends the command : PlayGame, the robot initializes a new game by placing the columns to zero and by assigning to the five columns in front of you a height of 1 to 10.
To search for the right combination, you can simply run the command:

MM followed by 5 numbers between 1 and 10 corresponding to the height that we need to find for each column.
Be carefull to the space between MM and the first number and the space between each number.

For example:
MM 5 7 8 10 4 if you think that the height of the column 1 is 5, the second column is seven, the third column is eight, the fourth is 10 and the fifth is 4.

The robot will then answer:
- Either that you have found no right combination. This means that none of the 5 digits sent corresponds to a column height.
- Either that you have found one or more good heights and the bot will place the correct ones and it will tell you that there are other correct but which they are not at the right place.

Let's resume our example.
Suppose that the robot has determined the heights 7 10 1 3 4 at the game start
You launched the command MM 5 7 8 10 4
The robot will tell you that you are getting the correct height of the fifth column = 4 and he will put it on the set.
In addition, he will tell you that you are getting two good height but not to the correct columns, because you assigned the height = 7 to the second column instead to attribute it to the first column and the height = 10 to the 4th column instead to the second column.

Here's what you'll see :

You send again the command MM followed by five numbers.
As you know that the fifth is correct, you maintain the number 4 in the fifth position and try other numbers for the first 4 columns.

So, you'll send for example :

MM 10 9 1 8

The robot will tell you that you are getting the correct height for the third (1) and the fifth column (4)
It will also tell you that you are getting a good height but not to the good column because you have assigned the height =10 to the first column instead the second column.

Here is an explanatory pic :

By inference, you should be able to find the correct height for each column as you can see here :

But be careful!
If you play with more, this is the first who finds the right combination that wins.


1. Heights are randomly defined for each part (between 1 to 10)
2. Multiple columns may have the same height.
3. If you have given the correct height to a column, it will be placed on the set with that height. Everyone can see it but the exact number is not given by the robot. Only the one who sent the command knows this number. That's for you to assess this number depending on the height of the column.
4. If you give the wrong height to a column that was already well placed, it will go down. What a Face
5. The robot does not tell you which are the heights wrong assigned . The bot will tell you only how much they are.
6. In case of the bot crashes, the game is canceled and you must send again to the bot the command PlayGame to reset a new game and obtain new heights

If you want to cancel a running game to start a new one, you can use the command:

However, if you are not the player who initiated the game and that this player is still in place, the robot will tell you to ask him to run this command itself. Smile

With this command you will receive a note in your KI resuming the score of the game players.

Last point:
During a game, it is not possible to use some magic commands for to not disrupt the current game.
For example, it will be impossible to launch slideshow.

Have Fun!sunny


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