What is it the magical Tarot?

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What is it the magical Tarot?

Post  LuMagic on Sun 9 Jun 2013 - 12:17

Tarot Magic Uru is an adaptation of traditional game of Tarot, also known as Tarot de Marseille.
It consists of 78 cards or blades, which represent a phase of our existence and helps steer the consultant on an existential question.

It does not predict the future. It provides guidance when the present situation, which allows us to act accordingly in the future.

In his magical version, the traditional cards have been created using 78 images taken in the live and they illustrate each situation. In addition, there is a small text explains the meaning of each card.

This game was designed by Tom Samoth who took the pictures in the Uru Live and written the narrative of each card.
Mister Magic then has designed the program for using these documents with your KI in live.

Here is an example with the card 72 Tetsonot

Picture sent from the robot to the consultant:

Note received by the consultant:

(72) Tetsonot:

have lost overview in this matter and maybe you now lie awake with
miserable thoughts. This is a period of great sorrows, but every cloud
has a silver lining. Don't run away for it, but be brave and face
yourself with this.


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