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Post  LuMagic on Wed 13 Feb 2013 - 18:09

Find [nom]

This command will only work if you, the robot and the avatar you are
trying to find are in the same age.
This command will teleport you to the position of avatar [name].

You can either use the full name of the avatar, omitting spaces (if
there are any) or an abbreviated name.
For example if you want to go to the location of Mister Magic you can use the command :

find mistermagic (full name without spaces)


find mi (here we use the first two letters of the name).
You must be careful that there are no other names that begin with "mi" as you will be teleported to the one that is first in the alphabet.


find *magic :

You can use * as a wildcard symbol, replacing any number of characters.

For example

find *magic would find Mister Magic, and also LuMagic. If both are
present it will find LuMagic first, so some care is still needed to make
sure you select the right one.

This can be useful if the name of a avatar has special characters such
as "!!test". You can type: find *test

Thx a lot to Jan & Alan for their help.


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