coord, agoto, warp

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coord, agoto, warp

Post  LuMagic on Wed 13 Feb 2013 - 17:58


To determine the coordinates of the location where our avatar is, we use the command "coord"
The robot will send us back the xyz coordinates of your location.
Write down these coordinates. Pay close attention to minus signs of the coordinates. Wink
These are absolute coordinates, therefore relative to the center of the age (of coordinates 0,0,0)

agoto [x] [y] [z]

This command will teleport your avatar at the location corresponding to the coordinates you typed in the command above
Be sure to enter a space between each coordinate and to include the
minus sign (-) if necessary for negative coordinates

Absolute coordinates mean your destination is relative to the center of
the age. If you want to teleport yourself to this center, type the
command : agoto 0 0 0 but be careful because the center is not
necessarily stable. I suggest you use a "float" 1 before for safety. Wink

warp [x] [y] [z]

This command allows you to teleport by specifying coordinates relative
to your current position.
To start with, you do not know which direction corresponds to a zero
value, so you need to establish this before making any risky jumps. The
zero values correspond to the x, y and z axes of the coordinate system
used to build the age.

You can find out the direction of each axis by sending (for example) : warp 1 0 0 and then : warp -1 0 0

Thx a lot to Jan & Alan for their help.


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