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More Fun Commands

Post  LuMagic on Fri 17 May 2013 - 16:35

Some fun commands are avaliable at Jalak! sunny

Light on & Light off

With these commands you can play in a half obscurity with the glass
materials, this is very spectacular or, on the contrary in full sun, as in the normal game.
This effect is really exceptional!
We recommend using the Kion and/or Auraon command (s) so to surround yourself a nice glow. Smile

Undecorated & decorated

With these both commands you can delete all the decors around the board game or otherwise again put the decors.
The effects are amazing especially with "Light off" alien cheers

Decorated & lightoff

Undecorated & Lightoff


will make to fall on your head the glass materials where you stand.

If you want to put away glass materials below the board game after using this command,
open the special menu of Jalak click once on each object, and then click the icon to remove all objects at once.
Go to see below the board game all those glass materials perfectly put away by using the command J4


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