More Fun commands

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More Fun commands

Post  LuMagic on Thu 18 Apr 2013 - 19:25

Water on & Water off

These commands allow you to place or remove the water of fountain and of pond of fishes at the end of the Age.
When the water is removed, the rock slabs so that fishes are clearly visible!

Fish on & Fish off

Allow you to see or to remove the fishes from the pond at the end of the Age

Light on & Light off

With these commands you can stroll in a semi-obscutité or, on the contrary in full sun, as in the normal game.
This effect is really exceptional and deserves to be tried. You thrive in a particular atmosphere from which you will see this age in a different way.
We recommend using the Kion and/or Auraon command (s) so to surround yourself a nice glow.

Rain on & Rain off

As their name suggests, these commands allow you to see or not the rain during a thunderstorm.
The storm itself still exists but you will see the rain anymore.
The fireflies always disappear during a thunderstorm, even if the rain is invisible.


With this command, you will travel for 30 seconds on the back of a fish from the pond at the end of age.

Animfount on & Animfount off

The first command generates an animation of the fountain on a cyclical and random way.
The second command will put the normal animation of the fountain again.

Opendoor & Closedoor

These two commands are used to open and close the Bahro's door.

Have Fun!
Very Happy sunny

Thanks a lot Jan for your help.


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