Magic Movements Commands

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Magic Movements Commands

Post  LuMagic on Sat 13 Apr 2013 - 15:10

These commands allow you to immediately go into the (4) spheres of Ahnonay.

Visit S1

As in its standard version, the sphere is perfectly operational.
You can enable or disable the flow of water and go around like the normal age.
However, the linking book of cathedral is removed to avoid disturbing other players and the robot in this magical age.
Anyway, you can get the other spheres with the following commands.

Visit S2

This is the sphere of Ice. Have Fun climbing over the tower or on the highest rock.
Search maintenance.

Visit S3

This is the sphere of rocks. All debris are stable. Try to reach them with the magic motion commands.
The Maintenance is in the axis of the rings. The robot will give you its coordinates.

Visit S4

is the sphere of Kadish statue and the maintenance door is open, you
can go to vogondola and, if it is here, go to Kadish office. Otherwise,
another command will transport you to there.

Visit Maint

This command allows you to go directly to the maintenance room at the sphere 4.

Visit Hut

With this command, you will go directly to Kadish office.
Enjoy the scenery and try to you get close to spheres with magic motion commands. Using float, you don't fall.

You can use the vogondola (chair which links the Maintenance and Kadish office).
Simply click on the center of the trapdoor.
The seat sometimes appears, sometimes not, but anyway, you can always move in the linking tube.

Here is an interesting video.

Visit Cath
This command will take you to Ahnonay Cathedral for a peaceful retreat!!!!! Sleep

Thanks a lot jan for your Help!


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