Introduction to Magic Ahnonay

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Introduction to Magic Ahnonay

Post  LuMagic on Sat 13 Apr 2013 - 15:08

The Ahnonay sphere 1 of Magicbot is base age of Magic Ahnonay.
is a mixology of other three spheres, as well as of Ahnonay Cathedral,
allowing you to easily visit each sphere with magical movements
commands as soon as a robot is present.

All the doors had been opened and the linking books were removed.

But the most important event of this age is that we are able to play to Water-Polo in the water of the creek.
At this time, a mixologie of Jalak allows to position the pillars in the creek so as to define a field.
On the other hand, the sensor (improperly called clock) is then removed.

Specific commands for this game are explained in a special topic.

Have Fun Very Happy


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