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Fun Commands

Post  LuMagic on Fri 12 Apr 2013 - 17:20

This age is connected to Margic Ercana, it is interesting to test the pellets made in ​​Ercana.

Remember you that it is easy to make the pellets in a few seconds at Magic Ercana with the command : Pellets [number].

To see directly the effects of four pellets dropped into the water, there are 4 special commands in Magic Silo :

To see for bubbles on the surface of the water

To see the steam.

To see the orange color enlighten the room

To see the white color that characterizes the value of a good pellet and which allow you to see the four symbols in the Bahro cave when you completed Ercana and Ahnonay.

You will witness an explosion of pellet which indicates a value too high at the moment of the baking pellets in the oven of Ercana.

You can also make your own pellets at Magic Ercana either normally or with the help of a robot and the command : pellets.
Remember you that Magic Ercana is connected to Magic Silo. So if you use the linking book of Silo near the oven pellet at Magic Ercana you go to Magic Silo. So you can go to several at Silo using this book.

Thanks a lot Jan for your help.


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