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How to play?

is at once an interactive game with the bot and a "role play and adventure" that takes place in Magic Gira.

Why a game of adventure?
Because you will have to find objects to do some actions like blowing up a rock

Why a role-playing?

Because you will need to get experience points to access the higher levels of this game

The goal is to achieve a level of experience of at least 35 to find the final object that  will allow you to finish the game
The maximum is 40.

You will need to find 4 objects.
In this 4 objects, you will find the  markers containing experience points to increase your level to 35 and then you will use the fifth object which will allow you to finish the game.

These four objects are :

* A hammer (hammer) which allows you to break small rocks.
* A saw (saw) for cutting bone. This object only works if you have a level 10 experience.
* A metal lid (lid) that will be used to cover hot areas and thus detonate bigger rocks if your experience level is at least 20.
* A pair of binoculars which will be needed to identify the last markers  as soon as  your level will reach 25.

You will need to find a fifth object if your level is to  35 and thus finish the game.
The name of this object is kept secret for the time being.

You will find clue markers that will help you find these objects. These clues can be either text or photos.

The helpful hammer to break small rocks is the first object you need to find.
Thus your experience level (o) will begin to increase.
This first object is easy to find, it will be relatively visible.
Furthermore at the begining of the game a clue will help you to find it

To use the hammer
Position yourself by a small rock that you want to break and you send the command contained in the marker (hammer) to the bot.
This is a special code that only works with the hammer and if you are very close the small rock to break.
If the rock contains an experience marker, it will be destroyed, revealing the marker.
If the rock contains nothing, it will remain intact.
The robot will tell you that at this place there is nothing left to find.
When you see the marker, grab it and send to the bot the COMPLETE code it contains.
Experience code includes the marker number followed by a dot, the letter E and a number. The E means that it is an experience marker and that the number is a check code with no special meaning for the player.

As some experience markers are more difficult to capture than others, they bring more points.
With the hammer, the maximum experience you can get is 13.

To use the saw
You must have at least 10 points of experience to use it.
Proceed the same way you did with the hammer.
Position yourself near a large bone and send the code contained in the marker (Saw).
If nothing happens, either you are not near a bone that contains something, either the bone will disappear and you will see an  experience marker to capture.
The number of experience points you can get with the saw is 9.

To use the lid
You must have reached the experience level  20.
Position yourself on a steam generator then  you send to the bot the code included in the marker (Lid).
If nothing happens is that the steam generator does not trigger anything or you are not well positionned on it.
You can recover the lid with 4 additional experience points.

To use the binoculars
You must be at least 25 experience points to use this object.
Position yourself in order to have an overview of the area containing the pillars that have pot-shaped plants as shown in this picture :

When you send the command contained in the binoculars marker to the robot, 10 pot-shaped plants will to flash   to show you the hidden  experience markers.
The plants will flash only for a few seconds. Then they will again hide the experience markers.
Be careful because you can ONLY use this command 10 times, then you will need to use your memory to capture 10 experience markers.
With binoculars, you can collect up to 14 additional experience points.

Thus, the maximum experience that you can collect is 40.
When you reach level 35, you can finish the game. A clue will be given to find the last object that you will discover Gira otherwise.

Latest precisions.
There are 4 sorts of markers.
1. Those that give you experience points that contain the letter E
2. Those which are objects : hammer, saw, lid, binoculars
3. The final marker that contains the final code to discover Gira otherwise
4. The clue markers to help you progress.

When you send the code Magicgame10 to the bot, two cases may arise:
Either you have not played this game yet then the robot will ask you to come and read the rules of the game in this forum.
Either you already started the game and then it will give you your total experience points and you could continue your quest.

To start a new quest you must send to the robot the code : Startgame10
If you send Startgame10 code later, the robot will return you again the markers quest magicgame10  (useful if you have accidentally deleted it drunken).
The robot remembers your progress.

If you want delete your progress and start again the game from the beginning, PM : Restartgame
Attention ! This command is irreversible!

And now, everything begins at the Bahro Stone of Gira.
Send to the bot the code Startgame10  to receive the quest magicgame10.
Open the quest and...


Thanks a lot Jan for your help.

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