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Meet or Link

Post  LuMagic on Tue 12 Feb 2013 - 17:54

The command Meet or Link allows you to go to the age where the robot is standing.
It is a command that only works if you are not in the same age as the bot.
Magic or Mimi will tell you that you will be teleported to the age first
and then to his / her position.

If all goes well, after a while you will be in the same location as the
bot with all the mixologies necessary to build the magic age you have
been teleported to

The success of the mixology depends on many parameters. These parameters themselves depend on the state of the server that hosts the bot (Mister Magic's computer and his internet connexion) and of your own parameters (your computer and your connexion)
So it can happen that the duration of the timeout written into the
script is not enough to be sure you are teleported to the robot..

In this case you will have no mixology.

That is why, if you are not teleported on the robot, you must do it manually by sending onbot or w

Thx a lot to Jan & Alan for their help.


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