Thank you for making a new command

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Thank you for making a new command

Post  Peke on Tue 2 Apr 2013 - 3:23

Thank you very much for a new command (Sendbotto [age]). Very Happy
I waited for this all the time. This is because I wanted to play Magicgame6.
As for me, it was not opened one last door all the time. Because …
I thought that Door7 was the door in front of the gallery all the time.
Of course, as for the door over there, the position of the doorknob is reverse.
Therefore how do I think that I did it?
At first I turn to the back in 'turn 180'. Then I pass a door in 'back 1'.
And I transmit a command of 'barrier' to Bot. Bot says. "Sorry"
One day I who strolled in Ferry terminal by chance found true Door7 at last. affraid
However … Bot was not in Magic City. Sad

MagicBot was in Magic Delin, and, fortunately, there was only him only one people there today. cheers
(I used it since I let MagicPeke execute this command.)

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Re: Thank you for making a new command

Post  Mister Magic on Tue 2 Apr 2013 - 10:39

I congratulate you Peke to be able to use this command wisely. It is this type of case that I thought when I made this command.
This is the first command that favors neighbors. alien

Is that there will be more later? I do not know. Rolling Eyes

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