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Fun commands

Post  LuMagic on Mon 1 Apr 2013 - 21:15

Water off

This command removes all the water of the Age, the water pool and waterfalls, as well as fishes.

Water on
The opposite command that puts again the water and fishes.

Waterfall off
removes the waterfalls

Waterfall on
re-establishes the waterfalls

Light on
This command enlightens the caves and makes the waterfalls shiny

Light off
This is the opposite of the previous command.
The waterfalls become... grey geek

Lava on
Places the lava into the canyon

Lava off
removes the lava of the canyon

puts on your head the 3 wicker baskets. This command is useful because you can bring the baskets throughout the Age , and even on the lava.Ride1, Ride2, Ride3 et Ride4:

These four commands allow you to make an automatic journey for 60 seconds.
After the trip, you will be teleported to the bot.
It should be noted that these trips are always different

You can now choose the lighting atmosphere at Gira:

Gira by night

At sunrise

In broad daylight

At dusk

Thanks a lot Jan for your help.


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