Mimi Bot the faithful companion of Magic Bot

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Mimi Bot the faithful companion of Magic Bot

Post  LuMagic on Fri 29 Mar 2013 - 17:20

My name is Mimi Bot.

My creator, Mister Magic, alias Michel, wanted that I have a feminine look.
In order that Magic Bot will not feel alone. Smile Shocked Laughing
What we do after our duty... will stay secret Exclamation

Like for my partner Magic Bot, send me Link, meet, lier then you will join me.

I'm able to understand the same commands as my partner according with the Age where I stand.

If you want to reassure my creator when you make a onbot or a w on me, try to do it very cautiously.
You know what?
My designer thinks that I'm a bot more fragile than Magic Bot, hehe!

However as I hate to be brutalized I could call my robust partner Magic Bot so that it helps me. Laughing

To give you twice as fun, Mister Magic, sends us on mission in different ages. But it may be a failure of my circuits prevents me from completed your asks. Don't blame me, please. Ask to Magic Bot that it helps you.
It will be with pleasure that M B will replace me.

Like M B you can send to me your markers games.
I could send it to the others players. If they use my command : sendme
You will find this command sendme in this forum at this address :


Have Fun!


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