Common commands general for all ages

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Common commands general for all ages

Post  LuMagic on Mon 11 Feb 2013 - 19:12

List of commands for all magic ages.

From anywhere in URU :

To move yourself to the age and location where the robot is standing : meet or (link)
To rejoin the robot if you are already in the same age : onbot (or w)
To find out what age the bot is in and who is with it  : Hi, Hello or Bonjour or Salut or Shorah.
To receive the help note for both general and special commands of the
age that the robot is standing in: help

To receive the help note about the clothing : helpdress
To receive a list of the current help note version numbers  : verhelp

To go to one of the following ages (no matter what age you start from) :

To the public city : to city
To Kirel : to kirel
To the watcher's pub : to pub
To Phil's relto : to phil
To the GoG hood : to gog
To the public Kveer : to kveer

To Magic Ages :

Mixologies are available in the Ages marked the symbol (*) :

To Magic Ahnonay : to MBAhnonay (*)
To Magic Baron Office : to MBOffice
To Magic City : to MBCity (*)
To Magic EderTsogal : to MBTsogal
To Magic EderDelin : to MBDelin
To Magic Ercana: to MBErcana
To Magic Ercana City Silo : to MBSilo
To Magic Gahreesen : to MBGahreesen
To Magic Gira : to MBGira
To Magic Hood : to MBHood
To Magic Jalak : to MBJalak
To Magic Kadish : to MBKadish
To Magic Kemo : to MBKemo
To Magic Kirel : to MBKirel (*)
To Magic Kveer : to MBKveer
To Magic Minkata : to MBMinkata (*)
To Magic Negilhan : to MBNegilhan
To Magic Phil Relto : to MBSpyphil (*)
To Magic Relto : to MBRrelto
To Magic Rudenna : to MBCave
To Magic Winter Teledahn : to MBTeledahn (*)
To Magic Great Zero : to MBZero
To SoccerCity : to MBSoccer (*)
To Magic bot's relto : to MagicRelto (only for members of Magic Bot's neighborhood)
To Water Polo : to MBPolo (*)
To receive a marker game that a player has sent to the robot : sendme [#id] where [#id] is the number of the desired game.

To receive the list of games that have been sent to the robot : sendme

In the same age than the bot :

The following commands only work if you are in the same age as the bot!

To get fireflies : bugs on
To lose fireflies  : bugs off

To play with the soccer ball if you do not see it : soccer

To turn light on KI : kion
To turn light off KI : kioff
To glow with a green aura : auraon
To stop glowing with  aura : auraoff

To have a disco effect : disco [x] where [x] is the rythm (0 = stop) and is the dominant color :
red, green, blue or random (default if no color is specified)

To place one of these characters where you are : [name] on
where [name] is : bahro, zandi,blake,yeesha,cate,sutherland,engberg,kodama,randmiller,victor
(exemple: cate on)
To remove it : [name] off
To animate it: [name] action (exemple: zandi leanright)

List of actions :
agree, amazed, ask, beckonbig, bow, callme, cheer, clap, cower, crazy, cringe, crossarms, cry,
dance, doh, flinch, groan, kneel,laugh,leanleft,leanright,lookaround, okay, overhere, peer, point,
run, runningjump, salute, scratchhead, shakefist, shakehead, shoo, shrug, sideswimleft, sideswimright,
sitdown, sitidleground, slouchsad, sneeze, standingjump, stepleft, stepright, talk, talkhand, tapfoot,
taunt, thank, turnleft, turnright, walk, walkback, walkingjump, wave, winded, yawn.

To climb up a magical invisible ladder : climb [x] (where [x] is the number of climbs)
To climb down on a magical invisible ladder : down [x]
To climb up a magical invisible set of stairs : stairs [x]
To walk on a magical invisible bridge : walk [x]
To walk back on a magical invisible bridge: back [x]
To run on a magical invisible bridge : run [x]
To make a sidestep left : stepleft [x]
To make a sidestep right : stepright [x]
To float : float [x] (where [x] is the altitude (positive or negative) (*)
To land from floating : land
To rotate the avatar in place : turn [x][y][z] (where [x][y][z] = 0 to +/-180).
[x] and [y] may be omitted in this case the avatar will turn on itself (*)

(*) sometimes, typing float or turn commands, the avatar returns to its stable last point because the program doesn't know where the avatar is when in float mode. (physics.disable () for those who know what I mean).

To know your absolute coordinates : coord
The robot will return you back your absolute coordinates x, y and z relative to the center of the age.
Pay attention to the minus sign (-)!

To teleport to a position defined by absolute coordinates : agoto [x] [y] [z] (where x y and z are the coordinates given by the command coord)

To go to a position defined by coordinates relative to your current position : warp [x] [y] [z]

To teleport to the position of an avatar in the same age : find [name] (where [name] is the name of the avatar without space in the name. You can use the short names).

Shared Animated Actions :

Careful !
These commands will animate both your own avatar and the one you name in
the command..
During this animation, you and your partner will not be able to make any
other moves or to type anything.
Therefore always ask the other person if they are happy to share the
action with you before using one of these commands.

For the name of the avatar you can use the same shortcuts as the command
find above.

To lean to another avatar: Lean [name] where [name] is the name of the avatar (without space) with whom you want to do Leanleft or Leanright
To hug another avatar (3): Hug [name]
To tickle back another avatar : surprise [name]
To kiss another avatar: kiss [name]
To embrace another avatar: embrace [name]
To make crazy gesture: improwith [name] or ipw [name]
To dance synchro with another : dancewith [name] [x] or dcw [name] [x] where x is the number of repeat (max 3)
To slowdance with another : slowdancewith [name] [x] or sldw [name] [x]

These commands can been used only by the members of Magicbot's hood :

To send the bot to a Magic Age : Sendbotto [age]

Mixologies are available in the Ages marked the symbol (*) :

MBAhnonay (*), MBCave, MBCity (*), MBDelin, MBErcana, MBGahreesen, MBGira, MBHood, MBKadish, MBKemo, MBKveer, MBOffice, MBRelto (*), MBTeledahn (*), MBTsogal, MAGICRelto.

For example : Sendbotto MBCity. To send the bot at Magic City.

A big thank you to Janeerah & AlanD for their help!


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