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Magicgame8 : Teleporters of maintenance
Location : Magic Gahreesen.

Principle of the game :

The Maintainers (guys of maintenance) have left  Gahreesen leaving 10 active teleporters...
Each transporter has an activation code. These codes are well hidden in 10 markers scattered throughout this Age.
To activate a teleporter, you must place yourself on it and and send the corresponding activation code to the bot.

These activation markers are close from the teleportation area but they are all hidden by another object.
To help you, the robot has placed 10 other markers (visible this time), more or less accessible.
Capture these markers and send code they contain. The robot will then send you an indication of where the activation marker of a teleporter is. In other cases, it will remove the object, which hides the activation marker.

There are 20 markers in all. 10 clue markers and 10 markers with a code to activate a teleporter.

Fortunately, our robot has found again the photo of the 10 teleporters. Here is the photo:

First, locate teleporter, find the code (contained in a marker) that activates the teleporter. Stand on the teleporter and send the code to the bot. You will then be transported to another place where another teleporter is located.

When you find the 10 teleporters, you will be transported to a special destination that you will certainly recognize.  Wink
That ends Game.

Advice :
Remember that you must be on the teleporter before sending the code. You can send the code as many times so as you want to find the right location.

Have Fun!

Thanks a lot Jan for your help.


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