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Magicgame7 : Stop the thief!
Location : Magic Tolesa

How it works :

A thief stole some gold and 12 objects from the safe in Kadish. Each object is represented by a marker in Magicgame7 quest.

During his escape, everything he stole has been hidden anywhere in this Age to retrieve them later, one by one.
But if you can retrieve them before him and bring them back to the treasure room, Kadish will thank you as you should be. Rolling Eyes

Search first 12 objects and bring them to their place. How?
When you find an object (a marker), come back to the treasure room and place yourself above the staircase. Then send the code contained in the marker. This code should give you an indication of the object to put back.
Observe the scene well. when you send a code, the object will flash then it could happen two things.
Either you are beside to where this object should be replaced and it will be visible again.
Either you are in the wrong place and the object will disappear.
You can send the code as many times as you want until the object is placed in the position he occupied before being stolen.

When an object is positioned at the right place, the robot will give you a tip or photo to find the next.
Do the same for the 12 objects.
When the 12 objects will be put back at the right place, the robot will give you a valuable indication to discover where the gold coins have been hidden.
Look for these gold coins and when you have found them, go near the cloth (the hand) and send the code of the golden bag contained in the marker.

If all objects and gold coins were put back at the right place, Kadish will thank you as it should! Smile

When you send the code Magicgame7 for the first time, the robot will create, in his memory, your backup file of your progress as well as the markers game and a hint to find the first object.

Send a second time the code Magicgame7 to start the game
You will be teleported at the top of the stairs to the treasure room so as to see the missing objects.

As the robot saves your progress, you can stop the game at any time and return later.
Each time you send the command Magicgame7, you are teleported at the top of the stairs and you see the objects that you correctly placed.

If by chance you find gold coins before you have find the other objects stolen, the robot will tell you that you have missed a number of objects. The game ends when all 12 items were put in their place and the golden sac was placed again in the treasure room.

Remember that this is the code of each object which indicates to you the right place where it must be put.

Have Fun! Very Happy

Thanks a lot Jan for your help.


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