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Post  LuMagic on Mon 18 Mar 2013 - 16:03

Magicgame6 : Open the Doors!

Location : Magic City

Principle of the game :

Mister Magic lost a bunch of keys that open the doors of the city.
Fortunately, he kept 10 pictures of doors that can be opened with the 10 keys that you find in the city.
When you send to the robot the command Magicgame6, you will receive these 10 pictures and a markers game to help you find the keys that open the doors.

Each key is represented by a marker. Each marker has a code that gives you an indication about the door which opens using this key.

Find again the 10 keys.
They are all visible in the city! Look around and use the magical movement commands to capture them.

To open a door, go near this door and send to the robot the code of the key that opens the door. If the code is correct, the door will open and you will receive a number.

Open the 10 doors, add up all the numbers and then send the result to the bot.
If the number is correct, you have completed the game and a famous... No, I will say nothing more! Laughing

Thanks a lot Jan for your help.


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