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Magicgame5 : Sharper's christmas tree.

Description of the Game.

Sharper would like to finish decorating the Christmas tree.
But he unfortunately slipped on an icy patch and the 10 objects are scattered in Magic Winter Teledhan!

Could you find these 10 objects? Probably yes, with the help of the robot...hehe

When you send the command Magicgame5, the robot sends you a marker game.
Open it. Each marker represents a decoration and contains a code.
Your quest begins in the office of Sharper.
Visit this place with the command : visit bo and look at the Christmas tree

Whenever you find an object, send the code contained in the marker to the robot. It will send you back a trick to find the next object.

When you find the 10 objects, send to the robot a new code with in order, the first letter of each code of each marker.

If the final code is correct, you will be transported to a new place that you can explore using the magic commands.

Whenever you send to the robot this code, if it is present in Winter Teledahn, you will be transported to this place. cheers

Good Luck!

Thanks a lot Jan for your help.


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